Be Not Deceived! Say Goodbye to Germ Theory! – Sarah H.

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Be Not Deceived!
Say Goodbye to Germ Theory!

August 10, 2021 8:07 PM
Sarah H.


I’m here today to help bring light where there is darkness in today’s idea of Germ Theory, the idea that germs cause disease. When Covid hit last year, I hit my knees, and asked Yahweh to tell me the truth about what is really going on. I lost my mom back in the 80’s to Dr Fauci’s schemes back then and only realized the truth of how she died after Yahweh revealed the truth to me. Last year, I also, stepped on a super rusty nail barefoot and it almost went through to the other side and yes my tetanus shot was long expired. Spoiler alert…nothing happened…neither did I dress, clean or put a bandaid on the area. Pulled the nail out (still attached to the wood), prayed over it and moved on.

Folks, do your research and most importantly pray over it!

Germ Theory has it backwards
Germ Theory states germs causes disease, but that’s like saying firefighters cause fires; they both are present in disease and fires respective. But just like firefighters, the germs are there to help not hurt. 98% of skin cancer is from the Candida family. Well, that’s weird, why is fugus growing on folks faces and we call that skin cancer?! That’s because it’s cleaning up the toxic waste on our skin; the largest organ of the body. The Sun likely does not cause cancer. The sunscreen we put on, causes cancer (says so on the box). Your chances of getting cancer is 0% if you’ve never been vaccinated. That’s because vaccines break your system so it can’t detox, e.g. get a fever, rash, etc, so the toxins stay in the body and build up, and that’s when cancer starts.

Viruses are Dead

Putting aside all the science books, media, and propaganda we’ve been feed since kindergarten and just using your 5 senses you were created with, hands down, we all know and have seen bacteria and fungus. It grows/spreads, it smells, it’s different colors at times, it’s alive. We all know when food spoils, we can see and smell it. Ever see or smell a virus on that rotten potato?! Nope, never will, that’s because viruses aren’t made of cells, they are not alive. Viruses are a whole other camp (if they even exist).

Most scientists will agree viruses are dead. They’ve never been seen under a microscope alive. Viruses aren’t made of cells. Which means, viruses don’t consume energy, don’t multiply, grow, etc. And we’ve all been told that a virus will break into a cell and use the cell to replicate and we’ve all seen that video. Well, I say watch it again. Notice how it’s not real; it’s made up. There has never been a live video that a virus does anything ever. The pictures of viruses are made up, google them, those aren’t real photos.

Yes, but I’ve tested positive for/had COVID

Yes and no. Yes, you did have covid. The CDC has other legal words for viruses, and one of them are toxins. So, when a person goes and gets a covid test, they are getting a toxicity test. But no, you didn’t have a virus that caused a disease. There is no correlation between a virus and disease. We are told there is, but there’s no evidence. Viruses are not alive, so think of them like a rock. Getting a covid test is like going into the yard and looking for rocks…oh, look there’s a white one…oh look there’s a grey one. Yep, you’ve found rocks, but do those rocks in the yard have anything to do with your health?! Same concept.

Back in the 80’s, my mom died from AIDS (another one of Dr Fauci’s scamdemics; He’s on the CDC payroll, that’s his job to find pandemics; was his job back then and still is. Apparently, he’s good at it). Well, that’s funny, my dad didn’t get it. Me and my siblings didn’t get it…so…hmmmm. What really happened?! Well, back in the 80’s, if you took an HIV test, aka toxicity test, and it came back positive, it was a death sentence. Not because of the disease, but because of the drugs to “manage” the disease. My mom died because she was poisoned. She was on the AZT drug that killed almost everyone. Folks with cancer that do absolutely nothing for it outlive those that take chemo/drugs for it. Because the chemo/drugs are toxic. So it’s like throwing more fuel on the fire. If a person has cancer, they are already too full of toxins, so more toxins just makes it worse.

So how does disease really spread?

Disease/Germs are not airborne. You cannot “catch” germs (that cause disease) in the air or by touching it. It’s transmitted through energy or by injection. Just like women’s monthly cycle syncs up if they live together. All done through energy. The Flu and chicken pox seem contagious and they are, but just not in the way we have been told. Just like a woman in her cycle gives an energy out that lets other women’s bodies to do the same. The Flu is a yearly spring cleaning and when someone’s body starts cleaning (aka detoxing, aka cold/flu) it alerts others around them to do the same and only if your body needs to detox, will it receive the message and start the detox process (aka feeling sick).

Also, let it be known, there has never been proof a virus can be transmitted from one person to another. The only proof of that was done taking diseased spinal fluid from a monkey and injecting it in a brain of another monkey.

Conclusion: This is just my opinion, but I believe the real disease is in the vaccine and is being injected and after enough get poked, then the energy beams (5G?!) will start to turn on. Maybe not all at the same time, but just enough so “it” looks like it’s “spreading”. Just like in the movie, Cars 2, where the cars with the “alternative” fuel blow up when the energy beam hits them. Note: I’m not saying folks will “blow up”, it’s just an analogy, and the truth in plain sight.

May the truth set you free.

-Sarah H.

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