BE NOT AFRAID – Karen Gutterman

Karen Gutterman

January 3, 2019 2:20 PM

My daughter, write these words:


Those that are in me need not fear all that happens and is to come. Many come in My Name but are bot ME. Hearken to my words. Listen to Me and not man. READ MY WORD! Come back to me, My children. My Chosen know my voice, like you daughter. I am calling many home soon. Then there will be war, pestilence, famine, and other terrors done by the fallen angels of asatan. Keep your eyes solely on ME, not looking to the right or left. It comes very soon. In the twinkling of an eye, in the dark, evil strikes when you are most vulnerable. Turn to me children, REPENT! Forgive, and I cover you in MY BLOOD. Come and be saved!

My Chosen will be working for My Harvest. They are not appointed to My WRATH. Things begin so very soon. Come to me while you still can in the daylight. Call on Me for your salvation. Many will be lost to the devil, Satan. His demons are attacking at this time. Stay focused on Me, and in MY WORD. Do not let him take your crown.

After the false flag kick-off event all progresses one right after the other. The earthquakes, volcanoes go off in unison, and some slide into the sea. Many people die but that is only the beginning. Bombs in American cities. Evil destruction comes from Satan, not ME. Call out to ME , my loves. Destruction from war comes soon, to pay for My lives lost, the blood of the babies cries out to Me.

REPENT!, I will forgive! Take the narrow gate to Me. Do Not Fear, I AM by your side always.


Isaiah 41:10

Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will surely help you; I will uphold you with My right hand of righteousness.

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  1. Ivan

    It is sad to see that most of the posts does not have a single comment, I know that people (subscribers) read them but if we had comments from brothers and sisters not just from the U.S but around the globe we would feel more the union of the bride. Father Jehova and Jesus bless you all!

    • Ivan

      Brother Ivan, don´t be afraid. Some brothers and sisters of Czech Republic did read and share this post. They all consider it very useful.

  2. I agree with Ivan! More unity! I am curious on how the bombs will be taken in by people. There is still time to pray for the Lost souls.
    “His demons are attacking at this time.”
    I wonder how to get intimate with the Lord, as time presses by I dont want to not follow His voice. Night time is when I get most of the attacks. He loves to attack the mind, but like the title says, BE NOT AFRAID.
    Thank you for this word! I wonder what others got from this word.

    • Here is a great idea that has helped me. Before going to bed, I leave the following Bible Hymns playing in the background…(The demons hate it and would rather flee away and leave you alone!) 🙂 ….

  3. Cherry

    Hello Emelio, Ask the Lord to help you to hear his voice. The Holy Spirit will guide your prayers if you ask. after your devotion and prayer is good to be quiet and listen for the voice of the Lord. His words are his words. Not your thought, or the enemies. also pray to only hear only the Lord”s voice, not the enemiies. You may hear also the Father, or the Holy Spirit. The more you focus on the Lord and tune out TV , Music, etc., you will be closer to the Lord in all things. God does not want to share you with worldly things. He always tells us this. God Bless you.

  4. Hélène

    La nuit, avant de dormir je demande à notre Père de me revêtir de son armure selon Ephésiens
    6 au nom de Jésus afin d’être bien protéger sinon c’est l’enfer.

  5. Karen Gutterman

    Put on the full armor of God in the morning and at bedtime. It stops the attacks, it is your protection. Thank you for all commenting!

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