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“BE NOT AFRAID…” – JeBryan R.

May 13, 2019, 8:58 AM
JeBryan R.

This is a personal Word I received near the end of April as I was in prayer. This morning as I felt prompted to look back and read what the Lord had spoken to me in the last couple months, I came across this Word and felt moved to share it as a Word not only for myself but for others as well. I have never shared any of what I felt I have received on a corporate level but the urge was very strong and so I humbly submit this as an encouragement from the Lord to those who are walking through the fires of adversity right now. Please bathe this in prayer and take it before the Lord that any words of man may be cast aside that His alone would remain. Blessings- JeBryan R.


“My son, [many] have been under a deep and abiding weight for many, many years. This has been both the hand of the enemy as he is afraid and terrified of your anointing and the greatness of your calling, but it has also been something that has been allowed by My Hand. The purpose of this is two fold. One to prepare you for the darkness that you have been called to live in and minister to. And the other is that you might learn to have no fear. Those that live in My last hours upon this earth will be clothed with a divine courage such as the world has never seen. As many of those around you will be fearing and fainting for fear of the things to come, you and many of My people will remain steadfast and unmovable in these days of darkness and trial. Those who find themselves in Me will know not to be afraid and even how to prosper. Yes there will be great persecution, but just as I called and ordained some to the fires, I have also reserved and saved many who will walk untouched by it. All is done according to My sovereign hand. And each will have the grace and peace to face whatever it is I have called them to. As you look to Me, I will guide, I will protect, I will provide.

I understand your humanness of being afraid, if you were to face the coming days without Me indeed that fear would be crippling. Hence this is why I have called you to walk through the personal fires of adversity I have allowed you to face. Soon the days will be done for those who profess to serve and lead for Me but only desire to make a name for themselves. My true shepherds are now arising as I AM has called them forth for such a time as this. You are among that company… I know many of you still doubt it and you do not see how it may be so, but it is already so as I have ordained it.

Now is the time to look to ME. Not yourself, and not even to others but look to ME. As strange as it may sound, the greatest fear many of you suffer from is that of the unknown. But as the days unfold I will strip away more and more fear from you and you will walk in courage and clarity and strength. BE AT PEACE IN ME AND SIMPLY WALK WITH ME. I will guide you safely through all things. And as you do many will be blessed by your faithfulness in Me. Be not afraid…”


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