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Be Encouraged!

August 12, 2020 3:25 PM
Karri Bailey

I used to be frightened about The End Times. I have learned to encourage myself in The Lord. We are called to be overcomers! Now, I pray Ps 91 and I’m betrothed to Yeshua with a diamond engagement ring on my right hand. (Israeli style) My heart is only for Him. If I die, I hope to die without torture. If I live, I want to present love, joy, and peace in a world of planned chaos and fear. Demons feed on that, but I don’t. I have prepared my heart since May 2015, when The Lord “woke” me up. I know too much of Satan’s hidden plans, which most Christians shirk from or mock. I don’t care. I know scripture and our future from God’s point of view, and of Satan’s wicked plan’s. God wins.

And if I happen to live long enough, I will have food, Bibles, and love to share during scarcity. Believe, and don’t doubt, that God takes care of His children, whether we are in prison, deported to Russia/China, in FEMA camps, or killed. We will see Him face to face much sooner than dying of old age. That is a good thought for me!

We are Esther’s, born for such a time as this, living in the end of days. Wow! It’s exciting and dreadful. The great AND terrible Day of the Lord. I depend on Him to save me however and whenever He does. My sin and rebellion of my past has taught me something precious. I can’t rely on myself—- I rely on the Lord. Thank God for pain, suffering, heartache, and rebellious living, in order that I saw myself as I really was. A religious Christian living on my own strength in need of a kick in the butt. I got laid low, several times. I’ll never go back to what I was and my resolve is strong.

I am a Warrior Bride waiting for my King Jesus. (Ps 45.) Praying for the lost and rebellious, the lukewarm, praying God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven, for me to have faith and courage in these Days, for the wicked plans to be canceled and thwarted, for the Bride to rise up, transformed and shining to help Messiah bring in the greatest harvest the world had ever seen, us doing the works that Jesus did on the earth. Raising the dead, healing the sick, casting out demons, preaching the gospel to the ends of the earth. This is what I’m waiting for eagerly. The Transformation! Oh God, that will be a Great Day!

Well, that just poured out like crazy. Hmmm. I didn’t plan to write that. But it is my testimony of the last 20 years. Father got my attention and The Holy Spirit grew me up. For that I am grateful.

Take care, Sons and Daughters of The Father. God is hemming you in on all sides. You are His little chicks under His wing. Be encouraged!

Karri Bailey

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