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Be Careful Of Your Idols & Obsessions My Children

April 27, 2021 2:49 PM

Be careful of your Obsessions & Idols My Children.

A friend of mine believes vitamins, herbs and supplements are the great panacea of the world. She knows a lot about these things and has done extensive research, over many years. She has spent thousands and thousands of dollars each year and her home is littered with hundreds of bottles, boxes, packets, containers. Some are outdated by many years. Still she buys more each week. This woman is a prayer warrior and is one of the saints.


1. When there is no food or water, vitamins, supplements and herbs will not fill your stomach. They will actually burn a hole in your stomach.

2. We don’t live forever, you can not live for one minute longer than God Almighty
has given you, for your time.

3. Let nothing and no one stand before God in your lives, who should come first in your life.

4. “Moderation in everything,” a dead concept in this society, everything has to be taken to extremes now.

5. Let nothing in your life become an Idol or Obsession. God is a jealous God and the First Commandment is Number One.

6. Jesus has spoken to many prophets and watchmen about herbs and vitamins, to counter the effects of the chem-trails and for building your immune system, so dismissing the whole subject as useless or bogus is also a mistake.

7. You can not believe the MSM or the FDA, they are all liars and the slaves of Big Pharma, who if they can not make a huge profit off of something, try to to destroy or obliterate it from the general public, and or patent it for their own exclusive gain.

8. Do the best you can. Pray, Hope & Don’t Worry & Leave The Rest To God. Try to eat healthy, honor your Temple of the The Holy Spirit, your own body. Do not Idolize or Obsess on it.

9. I take vitamins and herbs myself, and sold them working in a health shop for years. Everything has its place, but keep God as your all!

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