Obama, Prophecy

“Barack Hussein Obama is coming back on the scene.” – Kimberly Fisher

By Kimberly Fisher

On September 1, 2017, I got up that morning, about 5:30 am to use the bathroom and as I was going back to bed, I heard very clearly, “Barack Hussein Obama is coming back on the scene.”
It stopped me in my tracks! I said, “Lord, what?” and the Lord said it again, loud and clear. So I crawled in bed and asked the Lord, “What do you mean and why?”
I kept praying in the spirit for a while and then I heard the Lord say, “Obama is coming back stronger and more powerful than ever before. Satan has empowered him. He is evil, very evil.”
I asked the Lord to give me confirmation. I just put it aside and left it in God’s hands. Then after the Solar eclipse and hurricane Harvey and Irma, praying about all that, the Lord led me to Z3 News and I got my confirmation from a word from Glynda Lomax. Then today came across this and a few more about Obama.
Note: I have never referred to Obama by his full name.
Thank you for your ministry! Your sister in Christ, Kimberly

Source: https://z3news.com/w/obama-coming-stronger-powerful/


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