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Bank On Me – LaTonya Canada-Christ

LaTonya Canada-Christ

November 7, 2018 9:33am

October 30, 2018

Bank On Me

“My mercies endure forever. My mercies endure forever. Now as I speak to you in this time, it is your job to employ Me. It is your job to employ Me. I am your abundance. I am everything you need. I am everything you will need. Draw closer to Me as the storm arises. It is unfolding though many of you are asleep. You are sleeping when you should be praying. My disciples made this mistake too, so learn from them. Stay awake and pray for destruction is coming in one hour and you will have wished you had prayed more. Come unto Me all you who are are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest for your weary souls. Be strengthened in Me, in my power, in my might. For I am is with you. Humble yourselves before and under My mighty power. Seek My face, oh Lord your face will I seek. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all your days. My loves, now it is high time to awake out of sleep, for now is your salvation nearer than when you first believed.

Slowly I will begin to unfold my plan for My Remnant Church. Do not get ahead of Me. I am leading you by a way you do not know. Do not attempt to lead Me. My sheep hear My voice and the stranger they will not follow. Nor will they lean on the arm of flesh. We are in the Spirit now and we will soar above the heights of chaos. Trust in Me to lead you in timing. You cannot know what lies before you so follow My leading of the Holy Spirit. There will be terrible consequences for getting ahead of ME. So stay put until such time as I lead you. I will not allow harm to come to you. So just trust Me. Trust Me for the good father that I am. You have trusted lesser men. Bank on Me.”

“LaTonya, keep surrendering yourself and I will perfect those things concern you. I will not abandon you. I will never leave you nor forsake you. I see your sacrifices. I see your heart. I see your efforts. Keep coming to Me, surely I am with with you always even until the ends of the earth.”

Yours Truly,


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