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Bank on Fire – Holy Spirit Wind

Holy Spirit Wind

Three weeks ago(6-8-19 I think) I had a dream that I didn’t really understand at first, so I prayed about it. I usually do not get dreams that I remember so when I do, that in itself is significant. Holy Spirit confirmed to me that it was a warning dream that was given to me to share with those in the the body of Jesus Christ.

In the original dream I saw a bank, not a skyscraper but a large building with quite a few offices. (similar to the picture above) Then I saw a semi tractor-trailer tanker truck, exactly like the ones that fill up gas stations, pull up next to the bank which I thought was very odd. Next I saw quite a few people, who I had just a “knowing” of being banking executives in expensive suits, sneaking out of the building. Just as the last one of these bankers got to a safe distance there was a huge explosion and the dream was over.

So you can see that the original dream was not a very easy one to interpret really but I knew that the Lord was going to give more about it and He did. But I did not get the interpretation of this dream until 6-28 through 6-30-19 along with some added flash visions during my morning time of prayer and worship. He does things in His own time and we must not try to rush Him or run ahead of Him because that is when we try to do things in our own strength and/or knowledge. That is called “walking in the flesh” but to hear and/or see what the Holy Spirit is doing. We must be walking in the Spirit or yielding control of our body, soul and spirit to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by dying to the flesh daily. (If you would like to read more on this, here are some great scriptures Romans 8Galatians 5). So when I totally surrendered this dream and laid it at the feet of Jesus, then He gave me the added visions that I needed, along with interpretation and a message that He wants to speak to all of us.

The first flash vision I had was about the semi tractor-trailer tanker truck. The driver of the truck hooked the delivery hose to the underground storage tank and then walked away. While the driver’s back is turned a masked man  disconnected the hose from the tank and it started dumping thousands of gallons of gasoline all around the outside of the bank. Then I saw second flash vision of another masked man holding a lit match and he threw it on the gasoline all over the ground and all at once the entire building was on fire. These masked men may be members of ISIS or some other terrorist organization or someone who looks like one of them, like Russian spetsnaz or even some other group that I am not aware of. The building was not totally destroyed but it was very badly damaged.

This is what the Lord has given me for the interpretation of all of this put together. The bank represents current financial system, with the American dollar as the world reserve currency, that has been in place since the inception of the Petrodollar in 1974 by President Richard Nixon and secretary of state Henry Kissinger with the Saudi royal family who were the most powerful member of OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries). This took America off of the gold standard (also called the Bretton Woods agreement) and forced every oil importing nation in the world to buy American dollars to buy oil. The semi tractor-trailer fuel tanker truck represents the SWIFT system that delivers currency to the current banking system. The gasoline itself is representative of the petrodollar that fuels the current banking system. When the delivery hose is disconnected and spills all over the ground, it represents countries that are bypassing the petrodollar and using their own systems for transactions. The masked man who throws the lit match represents the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln getting struck by fire and sinking. The bankers and wealthy know that this is coming because this is part of the New World Order plan to bring in the new financial system, which will be the beast system. The fire and explosion on the bank building represents a huge downturn in the economy of America and War with Iran. The current banking system involving  the petrodollar, will not come down all the way at this point but it will be severely weakened. The fiery kickoff event will damage it even more. There will be many natural cataclysms that will bring the American economy down as well. It will not come down all the way until after 6th seal great earthquake caused by an asteroid strike in the Caribbean (as seen by Efrain Rodriguez) and then Russia and China attack and invade America and all her major cities will be burned to the ground.

This is a word that the lord gave me in the morning of June 30th 2019 that goes with everything given above.

“My children, you are the only ones listening to Me right now, please take this message very seriously. The world is preoccupied with their own microcosm of life. I will allow the things I have told you about now to get their attention so that they would look to Me and cry out to Me. Some will turn to Me but most will not and they will harden their hearts and stiffen their necks even more toward Me.

There have been been many deceiving spirits and false prophets sent out amongst My people to tell you that everything is going to be fine for now and that you have years to prepare but this is UTTERLY UNTRUE! Some of the judgment has already come upon you America but there is much more coming because there is no repentance in the land. Look to the middle of your country America, your crops have failed to be planted, food shortages and famine are coming to the land of plenty. The explosion at the refinery in Philadelphia was the beginning of what is to come as well. More and even larger refineries will be taken out and your transportation system will come to a screeching halt as the price of fuel, food and everything else skyrockets. This will be multiplied even more because of the fall of the petrodollar. It’s all converging upon you now America. You are going to crash and burn in one hour! I have spoken this many times to many of My messengers and it will come to pass for you are Babylon the great!

To all who would listen and see, you must seek Me now with all of your heart so that I strengthen your body, soul and most importantly spirit, for what is about to happen. Everything that I have told My prophets is about to come to pass both good and bad not only in America but the whole world. There is no place that will escape judgment except where My holy children are located, My blessings are upon them. The darkness is rising but the light is rising as well and will overcome the darkness but there can be no darkness found in you, My remnant-bride. Your garments must be without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, washed to sparkling white in my blood that was shed. You will shine for Me and will show My mercy in the judgment as I empower you to do mighty miracles never before seen upon the earth before I bring you home to be with Me forever.

The first part of the judgment on America is through the door and the rest comes quickly. You will see it happen with your own eyes and know that you have been warned. Be filled with My oil that I give freely and My supply never runs dry! Ask of Me and I give to all those who desire Me more than anything or anyone else and you will overflow and touch others with My love.



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