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Babylon your sins are great your punishment will be greater – Barbara Francis

Babylon your sins are great your punishment will be greater

June 6, 2019
Barbara Francis


Woe to the UNREPENTANT! Woe to the PROUD! You don’t know me. .I am the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You are wise in your own eyes . . Babylon! You have disregarded my commandments and statutes. You are proud in your own eyes. I have seen your abominations. No regard for the life I created. Slaughtering the innocents, my babes. You made laws to protect your heinous crimes. You are NOT above my laws. Three things I hate pride of life , lust of the eyes l,lust of the flesh. I see you now abusing my animals I have warned you before. My Messengers are weary because you are not heeding their warnings. You continue in your sin. Babylon Babylon, Babylon your sins are great your punishment will be greater. I am flooding your nation from within. I am destroying your crops. You wicked people you will know what hunger is, You have never experienced it. You WERE blessed now you are cursed. Earthquakes will continue along your coasts both East and West will be destroyed quaking ,crumbling and sinking. then they will be covered with water. I want to erase you from my memory. I am sorry I made you and put you in charge of my creations. What I don’t break I will BURN. War will destroy the remaining unrepentant. BABYLON, your enemies are great but not as great as I Am. I will use them to finish my work. You have not humbled yourself you are BRAZEN!. I WILL HUMBLE YOU. I will continue until you are NO MORE. REPENT,REPENT, REPENT!

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  1. Emmy Vinandy

    I agree with all of this Warning Prophecy and I know from this and Bible Prophecy that this will come to pass for the wicked but I don’t know if the part that says God will erase the wicked from His memory is true is this something that the person who received this can confirm from the Bible I understand from the Bible that God will judge the wicked but that if they repent He is always ready to forgive.

  2. Brandon J

    In Psalm 34

    but the face of the LORD is against those who do evil, to blot out their name from the earth.

    Yes it’s in many places scripturally

  3. Mary Soares

    I agree with you Emmy Vinandy, God is a merciful God, he always forgive those who repent of their sins, and upon his name for mercy and forgiveness.

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