America, Prophecy, War

“Babylon, War is coming to your land” – Barbara Francis

Barbara Francis (Godshealer7)

September 5, 2018

Daughter prophesy to the mighty men and rich men in your nation Babylon. War is coming to your land You will see invaders at your door. You will watch your riches turn to zero. Destruction from my wind, rain and earth shaking will weaken the armies of the land, sea and air. Weapons of destruction will be used on you as you have used them on others. Even those assaults on others that have been hidden from the people will be made known. You will have civil unrest and see neighbor fighting neighbor as men become desperate for food and water. The enemy is already among you waiting for their opportunity to strike. Your cities will be plundered and burned. I will raise up a pocket of resistance . My warriors… in an attempt to drive away the terror . Let no man deceive you these things will surely come to pass. Judgement is coming . It is written. Behold. I come quickly. Every eye shall see me.

Revelation Chapter 18


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