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Babylon the great has fallen – Krystal Beall

Babylon the great has fallen

November 15, 2020
Krystal Beall

November 15, 2020

Be of good cheer. I have overcome the world. I have said it numerous times and in my love and mercy I have raised up and sent forth my prophets. My watchmen have I placed upon the wall, blowing my trumpet with out cease. Repent. Turn to me.

America has REJECTED me. America is a cesspool of sin before me, descended into the pit. Iniquity abounds. Abominations are as sand upon the shore. Babylon the great is fallen. Fallen. The holds of every foul spirit. The cage of every unclean and hateful bird. Woe to America. Distracted, Deceived. Bound, fattened by the bread of lies and led to the slaughter.

America is beguiled. The love of many waxed cold. How blind so many are. How rampant sin is in all the earth. Man has fallen from me, So very far. Few are they whom cry out for mercy. Few are they whom worship me in spirit and in truth. How grieved I AM. How angry I AM. How my heart is pierced without cease, Without conviction. Oblivion abounds.

A Biden. A divided dwelling place are you America. A house divided can not stand. Divided in county and divided within yourselves. All nations whom forget, Reject me ( GOD) are turned into hell.

America is hell before me and screams for more. Evil is not winning. I AM not losing. I AM on the throne. I reign. I have, I the LORD have allowed this gross darkenss to descended upon a nation, a generation whom has REJECTED me. I have done this.More shall this nation receive. I AM the light of the world. When a nation rejects me as America has, darkness covers the people, the land. I form the light. I create darkenss. I make peace and create evil. Is not the light and darkness both alike to me. I do all these things. When will you oh man, cry out for me? I have waited for you, yet so few come.

The fire has come. Yea, it is here. Fire moves a man. Fire refines a man. Much, Much fire descending upon a nation whom has REJECTED me. To all whom love me, My little flock I say to you, Fear not. It is my good pleasure to give you the kingdom. With you am I well pleased. All whom have harkened, warned and have stood among the mockery and scorn, Warning of all that has passed and has come, great are your rewards. Great I say.

Blessed are you whom are persecuted for righteousness, for yours is the kingdom of heaven. The world hates me and is in emnity with me. You will be hated for my namesake. You will be mocked and ridiculed as was I before men. Some of you have given your all for me, yea your lives. Laying them down, offering them up to me as a living vessel for my spirit to dwell. Mine you are. Some have gone to the slaughter. Mine are you too. I AM the way. The truth. The life. To live is me( CHRIST) to die is gain. Whom I set free is free indeed. Your prayers for your lost loved ones I have heard and listened to, answered. I will have a Holy people unto myself. A clean house, undefiled and pure.

I behold America on the path of destruction. I have set you there oh nation fallen. You are so defiled and filled with filth before me . I vomit ye out and hand ye over. Captivity. Fire. Woe to America. Woe to you America. YOU HAVE REJECTED GOD. The beast system is risen. Blind are the multitudes thereof. America, the whole earth looks nothing like me. A reflection of satan it now sits. Man is undone.

Babylon fallen. Burning. Her smoke is seen. Woe America for thy hour has come. Reap what ye have sown . Destruction. Death. A sorrowful and Godless generation of men, my final before me on the earth. Where is this promise of his coming. All things are the same. They are as was before, and shall return to even greater than. Deceived are you. The whole of my creation has changed!!! I AM the same, Yesterday. Today. Forever. Faithful. True. I AM.

Clouds of revelation. A new name. A woman revealed. A man child born. A dragon wroth with relentless persecution. I AM THE LORD. I AM. I shall reveal all that ye have known not. Look up. It appears as another uneventful day in the earth. How deceived are the multitudes. Watch. Look up. Changed. Instantly. I have prepared a place that where I AM, ye may be also. I have. Resurrection. GLORY. Life eternal. The desires of your heart and beyond all you could hope for. Good. Good for all whom love me.


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