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May 6, 2021 12:23 AM

April 18th 2021

Thus says the Lord,
I AM mighty to save, so fear not my beloved ones. I shall have a remnant in the burning lands. Babylon is falling and to her demise she will still stand in pride before me. She is haughty and not wise, she is prideful and not lowly, she sits as a queen and shall be a widow and shall not bear children. Captivity is upon her, I have handed her to the beast and he shall rule over her with a strong hand and with no mercy unto her. She is not ashamed of her nakedness and her fist that she reaches to the heavens against me. She thinks she is a god but I shall show her who is God, for none shall stand in my place and no nation shall rule over my earth. She has forgotten her place she has come from and she dances like a whore before all nations. She has no walls, she has no protection, she sits in wait to be taken captive. Mourning and tears she will suffer, darkness and famine will plague her, with none to help her. Into the sea you go, wave after wave shall take you under. No man has seen the severity of my judgments I have declared unto her and they shall gasp and weep at the sight of her burning.

Fear not my little ones, fear not the things you see with your eyes, knowing I have spoken and warned of this hour beforehand unto those who stand and watch on the city gates. They have cried out, they have wept, they have pleaded to return to your God. The enemy has encamped outside my city, they came from the far off lands to surround her. Mighty men bent on death and destruction shall follow the beast and do his bidding, but fear not little flock for you are precious to me and I shall keep you from the hour of trial upon the whole earth for it is written, and I cannot lie. Truth is my name and my word shall come to be seen across the land for I am faithful to perform it.

Seek not the things of the earth in this hour but set your sights on heavenly things above, what is good, what is righteous and pure, what is holy and true. I’m coming with my reward unto my little flock, all shall be well with you, you shall lie besides still waters and have green pastures I have prepare for you. I went before you and I have made the way to Zion.

Great destruction lays wait at the gates of Babylon, great calamities await the kingdoms of this world, the lands of Egypt and the places of Sodom. They await the king of Egypt, he is their hearts desire to give them what they want. He will offer them the world but it is not his to give, he shall offer them lands but they are not his to give, he will load them with honor and riches and they shall worship him before all men.

But say to the King of Egypt, “your time shall end, your voice shall be silenced, in deception you plot in vain against my people, though you rage, though death follows you I am the victor of my people. Those who follow me shall never be in darkness as the land of the beast plummets into darkness. I am the light of my people, I shall shine brightly for all to see, I shall be a beacon of hope on a hill, bread to the hungry and water to those who thirst for life everlasting. Woe unto you for your time is short for you to mark that which is yours and into eternal darkness you shall go. I AM the beginning and this is your end for my kingdom shall now reign forevermore.”

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