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By the rivers of Babylon – Deep Calls to Deep

Deep Calls to Deep

August 26, 2018

“By the rivers of Babylon, There we sat down, yea, we wept When we remembered Zion. We hung our harps Upon the willows in the midst of it. For there those who carried us away captive asked of us a song, And those who plundered us requested mirth, Saying, “Sing us one of the songs of Zion!” How shall we sing the LORD’s song In a foreign land?…

O daughter of Babylon, who are to be destroyed, Happy the one who repays you as you have served us!” ~Psalms‬ ‭137:1-4, 8‬ ‭NKJV‬

Daughter, I know you are longing for Zion, to be with Me in heavenly realms. Many of My remnant have the same desire to come home and escape from the wicked world you live in. You feel as if the spirit of Babylon has you in captivity in a foreign land that is unrighteous. Daughter, sing to Me even when your heart is heavy and your eyes are weak with crying. Sing to me a new song and rejoice for I AM your God and your redemption draws nigh. I AM coming for you soon and desire your worship to bring comfort to Me. I do not take pleasure in destroying the wicked. I find no joy to bring judgment to the disobedient but I AM a just God and the earth has been reeling and groaning out for redemption with so much blood shed upon the earth! Rejoice in Me this day for I AM LORD of lords, KING of kings, the Great and Mighty One of Old Who is coming for My Bride!
“I AM the Alpha and the Omega Who is, and Who was, and Who is to come, the Almighty.” (Revelation 1:8)
Amen and Amen!! 🔥🙌🏼


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