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Axelspace is planning a constellation of 100-kilogram small satellites to image the Earth daily. Credit: Axelspace video still.


July 11, 2020 9:12 AM

On July 8th at 5:30 am I woke up from a dream. I’m new to this site. Jehovah has been giving me dreams left and right since December 2019. I felt compelled to let anyone who reads this know about this. The holy ghost compelled me to tell. First thing let me say I went to bed at 9 pm I was in the middle of watching a biblical movie about Joseph. LET ME BE VERY CLEAR I’VE NEVER HEARD OF AXEL. I’m a 34 year old Biracial woman and I think I remember some rock star named Axel on some VH1 show where he chooses love among like 12 women like the bachelor.

In my dream I see space. I see all the stars. I hear a man talking about Axel and constellations. Somehow I know he’s is a scientist. As he is looking at the constellations he makes marks like this / to represent the Axel, then Yahweh shows me that is ticked off!!!



/ = AXEL

So when I woke up Jehovah reminded me of the vision he gave me a month ago or so of me hearing his voice and his anger.

” You feeble men think you can out smart me! You build your rockets shoot them in the sky walking among the earth calling yourselves Gods. Don’t you know I created you!? Dust you are and dust you shall return. The earth is my globe is my footstool. I AM THE ALPHA AND OMEGA. THE BEGINNING AND THE END. I AM HE WHO IS WHO WAS WHO IS TO COME….WHO WILL ALL WAS BE!!!!!!!!!

He threw the rocket back down in that vision it exploded. He is going to shut off the electricity soon. The entire grid will be down. Not even a cell phone will work.

I had a vision and he told me to buy batteries for lights oil lamps. He even let me smell the fumes of the electricity just burning and harming the earth. This vision was in March. He was tired and angry at how electronics destroyed earth. He said he will turn it off even phone’s. He also told me to keep my curtains closed which I’ve done since the vision. He is mad men think they can out smart him He told he to read Revelation 18:2 Then he rocked my world. I googled Axel Constellation ITS A REAL THING!!!!!!!!!

https://www.axelspace.com/en/axelglobe_/ I looked at the site I couldn’t believe Jesus showed me this. It’s crazy because its Russia and China working together. Last week while I was at work. I heard the holy ghost say. You will see no corruption before the b o m b drops. Do you remember your birth? It was 5 am July 8th Jehovah said while I lay I heard I’M THE ONE TRUE GOD, THOU SHALL NOT HAVE OTHER GODS before me! I Jehovah am the CREATOR OF THE HARVEST!!!!!!!!

For real Jehovah is ticked offffffff!!!! He is royally heated. This is not a drill! If you haven’t accept Jesus Christ as your savior. He is the way to the truth and life/light. Open your heart and mind. He came in the flesh he walked among us he died for us so that way may have everlasting life in his kingdom. Get your house in order. Jesus is here. He’s just going to unveil any second. Confess with your mouth all your sins and repent. Jesus is love but he is just. If you don’t pray talk to him like a friend ask him to show you. Read a bible. Get the bible at the dollar store they have only the new testament but its a start. Go to the Google play store download KJV bible app and play the audio.


PLEASE ACCEPT JESUS. FEAR THE ONE THAT CAN HURT YOUR SOUL FOR ETERNITY. TO FEAR JEHOVAH IS TO RESPECT HIM. Jesus is our dad our Abba. Please I’m begging you. He has shown me many things. I’m really out of my comfort zone. If I can save one soul that’s all that matters. Please take this seriously. I have never heard him so upset. This is not a drill. Prophecies in the book of Revelation is poping off the pages. JESUS IS REAL!!!!!!

In April of 2020 I heard Jesus say the hour is upon us. Then the holy ghost told me to get my house on order. I heard angels singing “wake up from your wiccan high” In one day I literally threw away to bookshelves full of fantasy books like harry potter, lord of the rings, game of thrones, every Stephen King book, Brandon Sanders books, Niel Gailman books like American Gods, etc. I even threw away a sweatshirt that said “mother of dragons”. I threw away a shirt that said “not today satan” not cute! I threw away dream catcher earrings and I threw away earrings that had the ☪️ symbol. I bought those years ago at Claries. That also is a false God!!!!! The angels told me! I just thought it was a moon and star. Its like Satan has people drinking arsenic! The Holy Ghost had me so shook. I had a roller coaster feeling going up going down. I had angels guiding me. I even threw away a harry potter deathly hallows magnet. Which I now realize is a triangle and a snake eye. A Harry Potter wand! It’s DEMONIC!!!!!! I threw away Halloween costumes. I went through my pandora deleted meditation music, hip hop, metal, rock, I’m sure my neighbors thought I was crazy back and forth with trash bags. I live in apartment 2nd floor! I discovered disney is demonic and I don’t have kids! I threw away movies like like the poltergeist that I owned. I threw away yoga dvds. I threw away a yoga bolder the angels showed me had a triune hindu God symbol on it. 🕉Then I went through. My dvr I had to stop watching ALL marvel movies. I used to love marvel. But once I realized the demonic deception of always fighting something in the sky and aliens. I deleted it all. I barely watch TV now its hypnosis, gossip shows house wives, investigation ID 202O DATELINE = violence, oxygen, I threw away so much crud in this house. I kid you not. Then an Angel then shouted “no evil shall enter this house!” It was so intense. I been reading the bible daily. I do self checks and pray to Jesus everyday to fashion me on to him so that my garmets are clean and wrinkle free. Its not just your physical house but the body is the temple. I stopped fornicating. I’m 34. This is not a drill. Someone flicked me off while driving I prayed for them. The demons are unleashed and their causing the faithless unsaved to act demonic and crazed. ITS GOING TO GET WORSE!!!!!! I hope this helps someone.

Love your sister in Christ.


PLEASE ACCEPT JESUS as your savior

Sincerely Desianna 🙏

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  1. Michelle

    Everything you’ve said here seems spot on to me. He is so very gracious to open our eyes and to protect us. Thank you so much for sharing. <3

  2. Good for you sister! We used to be Jehovahs Witnesses years ago and I did the same thing, cleaned house!


    Thx for sharing sister.

  4. Averine Pennington

    Wow! Glad to know I’m not the only one who cleaned house in a way that did not include a broom or mop! God woke me up in April 2019 to all the ‘junk’ I had accumulated in my house that was not pleasing to Him. When He first started dealing with my heart, I actually attempted to argue by saying, “But I don’t worship those things, they are just for decoration!’ So I prayed about it and He made it abundantly clear that what I wanted to keep was an ‘abomination’ in His sight. I filled up two of those large heavy duty trash bags that are used by contractors with all sorts of things scattered throughout my home. Much of it was valuable collectibles like my porcelain bird collection, dolls, even my collection of teddy bears (some antiques). I could not even donate them because if they were offensive to God I did not want them in anyone else’s home either. I was also an avid reader. The romance novels, murder mysteries, political thrillers all ended up in the trash.

    My husband thought I had lost my mind when he came home from work and saw all the empty shelves! Good thing he loves me so much or that day could have had a different ending. But you know what . . . I don’t miss a single thing. It was so freeing, once all that ‘junk’ was out of my house. And I have no doubt that God honored my obedience. We serve an awesome God!

    Thank you so much for sharing this post!


  5. \km

    That was beautiful – BRAVO..

  6. Anna

    I’m just curious, what does axel have to do with Russia and China?
    I am also asking for prayer for wisdom and strength to deal with any occult/evil elements in my life and my family’s life.
    Thank you for sharing this!

  7. Desianna

    Thank you brothers and sisters. I ask that you pray for my protection. I’m single and I ask that you pray for my I protection at my workplace from evil. Thank you. Please pray 🙏 for me

  8. Karen Mountain

    Thank you. Everything you wrote is true. There is going to be darkness/lights out this winter. Thank you for telling everyone.
    You are absolutely protected in Christ, He has you. Just keep believing and trusting Him.

  9. Tony Jah

    I just want to share what happened to me a couple of weeks ago.

    My wife had this Buddha statue which she got from her brother as a souvenir gift from his trip to Thailand. That statue was seated on a small 2 feet high table in the living room. To be clear neither I, my wife or her brother are Buddhists at all so that souvenir statue never bothered me for this reason. At some point at the end of spring, the Holy Spirit prompted me that passage of Paul talking about our freedom to eat sacrificed meat to idols but how it could lead unbelieving people astray. I replied to the Lord that in no way I would get into a fight with my wife (who just went from atheist to mild believer) over this statue as she wouldn’t understand. I told Him: If You want to take that statue away then take care of it, You have my go because I personally can’t.

    2-3 weeks later I was sitting outside on the porch while I heard my wife yelling “Jaaaaake! Nooooo!” (Jake being my 10 months baby) I felt Holy taping on my shoulder and whispering in my spirit “Just watch”. Then a big BOOM. Then I heard my 5 year old boy yelling repeatedly “HE BROKE HIS HEAD OFF!”. My wife was getting pissed by the situation so I got up to calm the situation. When I opened the door she was heading my way with the baby in one arm and the head of the statue in one hand and the body in the other hand and told me: “LOOK! HE BROKE IT!” She turned back and the baby gazed at me over her shoulder with such a strange look for a baby that it shook me. It was like he was saying “yup, hehehe”.

    That statue in no longer on display anymore.

  10. Whitney Eslick Manuel

    Thank you, sis, for sharing!

  11. Desianna

    Anna go to the axel constellation website. Please re read my post. I will pray for you.

  12. SarahR

    I had heads come off PJ Mask toys. They got a bunch for Christmas and my husband thinks I’m just being silly about it. Over time, I have slowly gotten rid of it. One day, a lot of their heads started coming off. It was interesting Tony posted his story, because I second guessed myself posting that one up. We still have a lot of unacceptable items in the house.

  13. Dan H

    I have a similar situation as Tony. I hate these collectables things. My wife likes stuff and says they are only idols if you make them that. I want to throw away these things. But she still reads ebooks. Not even sure what. One chapter of bible a day. 20 chapters of mystery. I told her she reads faster than me so she should have read the Bible a few times in our 11 years. Then the anger is released. I don’t mention the collectable stuff. 15 years ago I have 10s of thousands of dollars in sports collectables. I dumped them. I can’t stand tv or any form of music or media anymore. Only christian. God shows me these things and she doesn’t think that they influence her. Wake up to the Holiness of God. Stop getting the filth of this world all over you.

  14. Desianna

    Thank you for your replies. I beg of all of you to pray heavily for me. I told things things to my estranged grandmother. She replied, ‘ you have been under the influence of the devil for many years” Please pray for me I’m under a severe demonic attack at work and my estranged family. Its sad that my grandmother calls herself Christian. I feel like she called me Satan’s child. 😢

  15. Anne

    Thank you Sister Desianna. This is a rich, motivating, eye-opening message. There are things most of us can do to begin- or refine- our house-cleaning. I’ve done it over the years but even as I read the post and the testimonies in the comments here, I’m thinking of things that need to go. I have some silver jewelry with strange designs. I have a check on my Spirit about it and think it has to go. And, some PG-rated DVDs In the house that will probably be in the trash this afternoon. My husband loves guitar and has rock music books around. He says it’s just for the music. But I’ve wanted them gone for years. I’m encouraged by my brother in Christ who left it with the Lord to get questionable / disturbing stuff out when the spouse won’t.
    Also, I read all of your scripture references at the end of the post. These would be so good For me to write down and share with others on a card, even if there is only a short time to share. People can look them up and see that more and more these things are happening all around us. Maybe it will convince someone that just “maybe” the Bible is Truth after all.
    I hope you will be sharing more as the Lord leads. And I will pray for your safety.

  16. SarahR

    If you get angry over stuff, it is an idol.
    I say that to my kids all the time. If tv is so important to you that you get into a fit over it, then maybe we should get rid of it. It is not always just the fact that they might be occultic or godless, although that is a big problem on its own, but how much you let things have power over you.

    I prayed for all of us and our families. This has been a vexatious matter to me for quite some time.

    I told my son today, that sometimes that is how the bad guys get to you. Give you something that feels good, but hurts you and your relationship with God.

  17. SarahR

    Desi, I would be happy to pray for you! I already did but, God willing and if I remember to, I will do so again. You are not alone in some of the things you deal with. Don’t let fear or worry get to you over these things. God is with you and will cover and protect you. You plus Him equals overwhelming majority and huge winning and power to overcome. God bless you.

  18. Desianna

    Thank you for your prayers. I will continue to share as Jesus leads me. Please do check out the website as well. It really blew my mind Jehovah showed me this IN A DREAM. Man a
    Is going to far. Glory be to Jesus for strengthen me!

  19. Dana

    I am a doll collector and avid reader. I just enjoy dressing my dolls (mostly Barbie) up in dressy outfits and gowns. I don’t worship them and thank God He has provided them for me to enjoy.

    I read like most folks watch TV. I will read sometimes 3-4 hours a day. I like to read the Bible last because I feel like I will remember it best.

    About TV’s. I haven’t had a TV in around a month. I had a mattress that needed hauling away and had them take my old (20+ years) TV also. I’ve research some TV’s, but haven’t got around to getting one yet. I don’t watch much.

    I enjoy biographies, non fiction, fiction, history. Right now, I’m reading a book by astronaut John Young, Forever Young. I’ve read many books about Britain’s royal family. I enjoy animal stories. There are so many good books to enjoy.

    About Bibles. I praise God that Bibles are so easily available in the USA. I also use the Thru the Bible books by J. Vernon McGee in my Bible studies. I am a King James Version of the Bible advocate.

  20. Cheryl

    Desianna, l, like others pray for you, as you requested here on this site. God sees…knows how you have taken a stand for Righteousness, and Truth in your life, and in your home. He blesses obedience… Continue to stand firm on His Word, and Promises. God Loves You, HE is faithful, Trust in Him…Surrender All to Him. He will provide for you. Pray..Pray, Pray alot…He will get you home. Keep sharing your faith, and testimony. Lastly, You can make a prayer room/space/closet, i.e. “war room” in your home, put up scriptures, declarations etc…God Bless. Cheryl

  21. Cheryl

    Desianna, l, like others pray for you, as you requested here on this site. God sees…knows how you have taken a stand for Righteousness, and Truth in your life, and in your home. He blesses obedience… Continue to stand firm on His Word, and Promises. God Loves You, HE is faithful, Trust in Him…Surrender All to Him. He will provide for you. Pray..Pray, Pray alot…He will get you home. Keep sharing your faith, and testimony. Lastly, You can make a prayer room/space/closet, i.e. “war room” in your home, put up scriptures, declarations etc…God Bless. Cheryl

  22. Desianna

    Cheryl thank you so much! Blessed sister in Christ! I really needed that! ❤

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