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Awesome OPEN VISION from Lord Jesus!!! WARNING LIGHTS OUT IN USA SOON!!! – WatchWoman for Jesus


Dec 17, 2019
WatchWoman for Jesus

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hi guys it’s Kristin and I have to do a
quick video the Lord gave me an awesome
open vision that it floored me so I have
to put it out and he’s been on me since
he gave it to me about four days ago and
I don’t have the exact date here in
front of me but I’ll look for that and I
believe it was four nights ago that he
gave me this big open vision and before
I tell you about the open vision as you
can see here I have a comment from ll2
it’s a subscriber to my channel who by
the way it tells me I subscribe to your
channel I watch every video you’re one
of my favorites I saw your message enter
another video and click click to confirm
it was you amazing that you have videos
that do not show up on my list so this
is about the this is a lot of comments
I’m getting that that my videos are not
showing up on people’s feeds and also
you can see that I can’t even reply to
other people’s videos and see how I hit
the three dots for you before I did a
screenshot it and this is my dashboard
it just says remove hide user from the
channel and report a spam that’s the
only three options here so I can’t reply
to a lot of my comments like this person
right here I’d love to reply to them but
it just won’t let me on my dashboard and
it’s not showing up on the video at all
so I’m not getting my comments and you
all are not getting my notifications
that I put out videos so I just wanted
to let you all know that and I didn’t
know if you’re aware so what happens if
this happens to me if if I’m watching a
channel and I don’t get the
notifications I hit and subscribe and
then I turn right around and read
subscribe to the channel and then I’ll
start getting the notifications it seems
like so that’s that seems to work really
well for me and then
I think that was what I wanted to tell
you that was really really important oh
and another thing if you’ve helped me by
donating please if you could check your
emails because I sent a lot of thank
yous out to everyone that helped me out
and I wanted to show you all this too
and the Lord did give me Romans 11 I
believe to read a moment ago I haven’t
made it all the way through the chapter
yet because I want to get this video out
but yes he gave me Romans 11 to read so
I’ve made it so far about halfway
through the chapter and then these tiny
Bibles I got with what you guys helped
me out with and see I don’t know if you
can see that it’s tiny it’s about the
size of my phone and I thought there
would be great for tribulation because
they’re easy to hide but you know I got
these and they came in so I just wanted
to show you all that and how cute they
are they’re just so tiny and I don’t
know if so you guys probably can’t see
that because the lights are actually
behind it but anyway I gotta share this
open vision with you all so the other
night I had to take my my pug out to
potty and so I’m outside in pitch black
it’s like middle of the night and my
neighbor has this light that comes on
it’s a motion light and so I’m watching
alright just looked over there and
having to notice that her light had
clicked on and in a few minutes delight
went to click off and when the light
clicked off all of a sudden I get a
vision of basically I should have done a
screenshot of what I saw and pulled it
up for you guys
and I get a vision of let’s see I don’t
have anything here to show you but and
if you if you google the United States
and map at night it’ll show all the
lights on there and it’ll have the
outline of the United States so that’s
why he showed me
and it just came really close to my face
and it was just the map like you’re in
space looking down on the United States
and you can see all the lights there and
then all of a sudden you know I don’t
know I can’t really make noises didn’t
make you guys know what what it was like
but in my vision it just went bleak and
every light went out all at the same
time so I told you guys about the angel
coming up to me in a dream saying solar
flare coming and that I don’t know how
many videos ago that was but I put that
out in a video not long ago
it’s a couple months back and so I don’t
I did not get in the vision all I could
see was the like I said the outline of
the United States the mat and the lights
everywhere at night and then all of a
sudden all of them go out at once and so
I don’t know if this is from a solar
flare or if it was an EMP attack but I
do know that lights are gonna be out
because I’ve only received a couple of
envisions ever usually he gives me
dreams and I even get words from him but
not many open visions and so I know this
has got to be soon I don’t know how soon
or anything like that but like it’s
pretty important I think if he gives me
an open vision and like I said I’ve only
had a couple I think the last two were a
vision of water bottles being empty and
a the spouts turned on and no water
coming out and then another vision of an
asteroid strike so I do have pictures of
that and it looks a lot like this it was
an open vision of an asteroid coming
down and striking the earth and I had an
open a bit that’s been about I think a
year ago that he gave me that one so
this must be pretty important I think
it’ll probably happen very soon and I’m
just I did not put this out right away
and he stayed on me to get it put out
and today I get the number 23 77 and as
you can see on here is 23 77 and
here ooh is dream revelation but it
means a site or guess what vision when I
saw that I was like yes Lord okay I get
it I’m gonna put it out today and today
was my younger son’s birthday so I’m
just not getting getting around to doing
this video and also I’ve gotten several
other numbers and 18:11 was one of them
and it means to to dream to weep to drop
or pour out and the poor out is what
stood out to me so he’s pouring out his
spirit even more Hebrew 18 11 pour out
and when I got that never he said he’s
going to pour out more of his spirit and
that’s exciting and then I got 10 81 so
it would be offspring or produce but
like it means fruit generation so that’s
great too and then all you you guys can
see here that I’ve gotten a lot of
numbers and sometimes I sent them all to
my phone or tablet and then I just tell
you guys about a few of them as to not
make the video too long but to let you
know that I’m getting confirmation
through numbers and then looking up in
strong’s hebrew can coordinates which
you can download from the Play Store app
or you can buy at a bookstore and look
up the number I haven’t found a book
that works like the app does because I
can enter the number into the app and it
tells me what the word is which is how
he’s given me the information he gives
me the number I haven’t found the
Strong’s in book form that I can look up
the number yeah and get the word but so
I’ve ordered three of those in the past
and they all give the number after they
give the word so I’d have to look the
word at first it just doesn’t work that
way he gives me the number not the word
so I don’t know yet what I will do with
that my my Strong’s Concordance app but
hopefully I can find a book that does
like the app doesn’t list all the
numbers first and I hope you’re all
doing well like I said if
you helped me out by donating please
check your email because I try to think
thank everyone and I’m I’m not sure that
they got my email and I did buy some
tiny Bibles to pass out and I got
another case of full-size Bibles also
and what else was I gonna tell you I
think that was it I’ll have more numbers
and things on the next video I don’t
want this one to be too long I want to
get it out because he’s been like I said
telling me and tell me to get this
vision out for some reason so I don’t
know when it’s gonna happen but I’m just
you know prepare yourselves that the
lights will be going out soon and I
don’t know if it’s from a solar flare or
an EMP attack but um you know go go out
buy flashlights batteries and candles
and in a generator if you can anything
you can do because there has to be a
reason that he’s given these warnings so
I I suppose it so we can prepare um not
just spiritually but also physically and
just know that I’m praying for you all
every night and if you could pray for me
and my family especially for myself and
my husband’s been ill both my children
both my boys are having trouble it seems
like I’m still under extreme attack so I
could use all the prayer that I can get
for myself my husband and my two boys if
you could pray for me and my family that
would be wonderful and just know that
I’m praying for you and your family
every night and I’ll be back on as soon
as he gives me something else okay guys
god bless

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