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Awaken MY Children – Lynne Johnson

Awaken MY Children

December 12, 2021 2:20 PM
Lynne Johnson

Word (3) received November 11th, 2021 at 11:06 AM

I AM would like His Children to know that time is winding down to the judgments. MY children, I AM wants you as ready as you can be for what is coming. You need to be in MY Word daily, praying to ME daily, coming to ME with your questions. I AM expects that His Children understand that this is very important, that you come directly to ME for your clarification, understanding . That way you are getting truth not another’s version of truth. Always come directly to ME for your answers. I AM will answer you, sometimes I AM may also include your answer in a word so that others can also read the answer. This helps others with the same questions.

Use your discernment Children. Stop looking just for those words that are only fluff with no real substance. Focus on words that give you strength, help you to prepare for what is coming for I AM always warns ahead. Understand that this information is what you need now, in this time of the end. Would you rather have truths, no matter how hard it is to accept or would you rather be told that all is well only to find out too late that it is not? Awaken MY Children and focus on preparation, on truths, for what is coming is challenging, painful. Those that only look for the fluff will not be prepared for the Time of Sorrows, the judgments. All must go through this time in order to get to ME. You will need all your strength to make it through as the Great Deception also comes. Some of you are skeptical as you do not really believe that this coming Deception will be difficult to overcome. I AM assures you that you are mistaken. Many will fall to this Deception. MANY! So be in MY Word and stay in it. Come directly to ME with your questions regarding this Deception. Be strong, MY Children. Be prepared.

Your King Yeshua, Your Redeemer, Your Messiah, Your Bridegroom


Isaiah 47:11 NKJV
“Therefore evil shall come upon you; you shall not know from where it arises. And trouble shall fall upon you; you will not be able to put it off. And desolation shall come upon you suddenly, which you shall not know.”

Habakkuk 2:7 NKJV
“Will not your creditors rise up suddenly? Will they not awaken who oppress you? And you will become their booty.”

Isaiah 21:4 NKJV
“My heart wavered, fearfulness frightened me; the night for which I longed He turned into fear for me.”

Proverbs 29:1 NKJV
“He who is often rebuked, and hardens his neck, will suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.”

Isaiah 13:5 NKJV
“They come from a far country, from the end of heaven—The LORD and His weapons of indignation, to destroy the whole land.”

Isaiah 13:18 NKJV
“Also their bows will dash the young men to pieces, and they will have no pity on the fruit of the womb; their eye will not spare children.”

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