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Awake or Die, oh Sleepers – Tracy Lee King


Awake or Die, oh Sleepers

June 5, 2022 2:28 PM
Tracy Lee King

Word received June 3, 2022
Approx 1:25am

“There will be times of trouble like nothing any have ever seen. Even the flood pales in comparison. Death and destruction on all sides. But most difficult will be the lack of My Word to quench the doings of the enemy. There will be no comfort for those who have walked away from Me. I have shed My tears for them and now they must pay the price. My wrath cannot be stayed anymore. Significant harm will happen and much loss of life.

Come back to Me My people. For you are teetering on years without My mercy. I offer it now, for only another moment. Without Me you will have no peace. You will burn in torment forever. This is not My will but your own for you are choosing this world above obedience and living sacrifice.

I sent My Son to die for you and you turned your back. You crucify Him again daily, mocking His blood He shed for you. You choose perversity and I cannot let that stand. He gave everything so that you can live and yet you spend His gift carelessly, selfishly.

If you do not die in the initial destruction, you will have (years) to consider your mistakes. Choose wisely.

You will be given over to captivity and the sword and will be forced to die in the name of my Son Jesus as He shed his blood for you. You will be mocked and scourged.

Do not dismiss this warning in light manner for there is no time. You must choose now or be left to the terror coming upon this earth.

You will be given one last chance to come to me and accept My mercy in Jesus’ name. Once you see it, you will be given a short time to right yourself with me.

Forbearance and long-suffering ahead. But those who make it to the end will I save from eternal damnation.

You must avoid the mark of the enemy in all ways. You will be hungry and thirsty. Fill yourselves with My Word for it is the bread of life and water of cleansing for your soul. Dismiss the wiles of your enemy. Call upon Me in all that you do. The time has come.

Take no more v@ccines as they are all poisoned and will make you weak, more likely to turn from Me. Your eternal souls’ at stake. It is the prize, for your enemy seeks to remove you from your inheritance. Let no one take your crown. I will not be with those whose bodies are prepared for the evil one. I am Holy and that is an abomination to me. I cannot inhabit a temple filled with abomination. You have been warned by many. What else can be done? Awake or die oh sleepers, for I come quickly.”

Father do you want me to share this and your last message?

“Confirm in my word and tell them to hurry. Time is no more. Time is an illusion.”

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