Awake oh sleeping watchmen! – Brother Moses


Awake oh sleeping watchmen!

April 14, 2022 2:11 AM
Brother Moses
I will save your children-Isaiah 49:25.

April 14,2022

My son, I have heavy and sober words to give my children. The world is getting more darker each passing day. Great evil is being committed in the land. Many have turned their back from their creator to pursue after vanity. Many who claim that they know me are only hypocrites, living only to please themselves. Hundreds of thousands are dying daily without Me in their life and are falling headlong into eternal darkness whose fire does not quench and the worms that eats its inhabitants does not die.

Many of my children love the world so much that there is no different between them and the world. They dress like the world, eat like the world, watch unholy things and live just like the world. They are too busy serving the world that they have forgotten me all together.

The alter of many is now filled with the ashes of past prayers. Intercessors have become very few in the land. Many of My warrior bride have being wounded in the battle field and many have turned their back from Me. Although they claim that they still know me, but in their heart they are very far from me.

Can you see how zealous many of my children are in working for their governments and companies just because they recieves salaries daily, weekly and monthly for their work, but they are very lazy and careless in the work I the Lord have called them to do.

Even though I have made so great and precious promises in My WORD to all those who are faithful in My work. Which include temporal blessings and eternal treasures. Yet many have forsaken the real substance to pursue after vanity and shadows.

When last did you tell someone about how much I the Lord love them? When last did you spend quality time interceeding fof the lost souls? It grieves My heart that many of My children can spend several hours playing video games, watching their TVs and chatting with their earthly friends, but finds it difficult to spend one hour with me in prayer. Even 30 minutes prayer have become a very big work to Many! How you spend each 24 hours that I the Lord gives to you shows how much you love Me.

Many of my children are very self centered in their prayers. They hardly prayer for others outside their family setting. They hardly remember the lost souls in their daily prayers. They want me to give them their needs, but My own needs they do not consider neither do them. I the Lord have great need. I need intercessor that will stand in the gap for the lost souls so that they will be delivered from the jaws of hell and be translated to my kingdom of Light. I the Lord have limited my workings on earth to the prayers of my children.

Many of My watchmen are sleeping in their watch room. Awake oh sleeping watchmen! My warrior bride, do not sleep in the battle field for no one in a battle field sleeps or have any rest until victory is achieved. The battle is about to end. Only a few more watching. Only a few more victory to win and you will be called home. Pursue after Me.I long for deep intimate relationship with you. Come and enjoy intimacy with your God.


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Brother Moses.


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