Awake oh sleeper – Patti Young

By Patti Young

Febuary 28, 2018

Awake oh sleeper

The Lord woke me and gave me these words…

“Awake oh sleeper, adjust your eyes to see the bright morning star. The Son of David, your soon coming King shall arrive with Chariots of fire…oh that they would have known and would have believed of my coming, for it shall be a great and terrifying day for many who refused to see and believe these thing i have spoken. Come away with me, come away with me my bride for a place i have hidden, for I AM your deliverer, I have prepared a place of safety from the storm. Come away, come away, for have I not taught of these things to come, have i not shown you these hidden things, hidden to man in my Revelation? Soon the black clouds, the tempest shall come, a storm, a darkness this world has never known… I have prepared away, for am I not the way for my chosen? Many have fallen short, many have now been lost and shall no longer be found, for are these not from the affairs of their own hearts and wickedness? I alone shall show mercy unto whom i give mercy, and in my rage i shall slaughter

The wicked and avenge mine own who have cried out to me in the wilderness…the barren, the widows, the children, the saints who have honored me with their hearts. My time has come, my will be done as it has already been spoken in my kingdom… I shall avenge mine own.

My voice shall be among the nations my name will be made known among the nameless, I will speak and mountains will tremble in my presence and they will know I AM THE LORD

Woe unto those who have closed their ears and refused to listen to my prophets, my people my voices in the land. For this is a chosen generation to soon see all these things that I have spoken.


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