Awake O’ Sleeper Dream – Vicki Goforth Parnell

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Awake O’ Sleeper Dream

December 5, 2022
Vicki Goforth Parnell

11-30-22@ 12:45 am, 5:24am & 6:40am


“You are in this race because I have called you and you have accepted. Those are not vain words to puff you up, but truths. You have been found faithful. Faithful, I say, in much. You are not here by accident, but by choice. Your choice and Mine because you were created for such a time as this moment of antichrist’s rise. It is good to be humble Daughter and it is necessary, and you are. But do not reject the strength and power of my words because in your eyes you aren’t qualified to be one of mine called for a higher purpose. You never once staggered at my words when I told you that you are to be my voice. Oh, beloved Daughter of mine, this is being my voice. Your worthiness is found in me. By living in me. Did I not say I qualify who I send? Did I not say repeatedly as a rule I generally recruit from the pit and not a pedestal? Oh yes Daughter, oh, yes.”

I am sitting here in this dream sitting against my lovely Jesus who is sitting upon the large boulder the rock I saw him sit upon in another dream as he expounded his word to me. He’s dressed in pure white with a blood red sash type material that connects upon his left shoulder. I am sitting with my arms crossed upon his knees and my head in them. Jesus, my love’s hand is stroking tenderly my head and hair as he’s telling me all these things. I now know we are on Mount Moriah in Israel. I am absorbing in every single word he’s speaking to me for they are my life. My very existence. I live because he lived. I serve because he served. I shall die because he died. But I’m not afraid of what’s coming, but I had found myself questioning of late what would cause my King, the King of all glory to choose such a person as I.

This is the third time I dreamed this dream during my sleep so now under the unction and leading of the sweet, sweet Holy Spirit I am writing it down as he bade me to do. “Jesus my love,” I hear myself speak softly and say, “I’m not worthy of you or this honor but I’m so grateful that you have chosen me and then you gave me the courage to accept this great call upon my life. You have placed inside of me a determination to do all you have called me to do and to keep fighting until I draw my last breath! I am not my own. I’m yours yet you still give me a choice, a decision, to decide what I do with this life. I’m humbled Jesus. Humbled and honored. Oh, how I love you,” I declare passionately yet never moving my head off my hands upon his knees. My whole body vibrates with my love for him.

I somehow feel spirit to sprit his acceptance of my love and praise and it fills me with more overwhelming love for him. He didn’t have to love me. He didn’t have to choose me I thought to myself. “No, no I didn’t Daughter but I have out of love for you. He has read my thoughts again. That’s okay they’re all of him anyway. “Daughter,” he says softly and he stops caressing my face and I sense immediately I am to look at him. I raise my head up off his lap and turn sitting up more, as I do so, I can see into his fiery flaming eyes alive with so much fire, love, and passion for me. His white hair is so beautiful to behold. I respond softly, “Yes my love, what is it?”

“Time is no more here upon your world; the earth and the time of antichrist is now. There’s no going backward. The time is now for these things, but be warned many of my own shall reject that your world is in this time of now. They believe my Holy Word, but deny it can happen in their time of life. This is a doorway to deception to a grand delusion that is now spreading fast across your world. Pray for the sleepers to wake up and wake up fast. There’s no more time for them to sleep. Sudden destruction comes and many of my own shall suffer what your world calls “shell shock” when the fruition of these things appears on your world.”
“Now this…. now this time of completion of fruition has come. Wake up O’ sleepers lest ye die while sleeping. My bride, my bride,” Jesus cries out passionately, “I’m coming for you and the “soon” has too now become the now time. No, I don’t know the exact hour. No, I don’t know the exact day, but I do know the moment because time is no more. You’re living on borrowed time. The grains of sand in the hourglass of time have been empty for a while now and the residue of time extended is all you are living in. So, no Daughter, how can I know the time when there’s no time left. But I declare to you now O’ beloved Daughter of mine, I do know the exact moment when I shall return for you and so many of my bride, my bride you are sleeping. You are sleeping and some are dirty. Your garments are stained and dirty. Arise my love, I say arise. Wake up and clean yourself up for now is the moment of my coming. Days of your remaining residue of granted extended time is all that’s left.”
Jesus reaches out and grabs my hands. I see the ugly scars still so vivid in his beautiful hands, in his wrists. “Tell them daughter, I’m coming. Tell them to quit squabbling among themselves over who knows my word, the interpretations the best.

Search the scriptures for oneself so I can speak to your heart directly and not through someone else every single time. My Holy Spirit, if you will listen to him, will teach you the truth of my Word as 1 John 2:27 tells you. Tell them daughter. He will teach the truth. My truth, for he is the Spirit of me, of God. We are all one yet separate in many ways.

People…Children just because someone has studied at a higher level of schooling than you, just because someone seems so sure and full of knowledge does not mean they are right in their knowledge. Men can understand many things as I have created him to do, but to say this is how my scriptures is 100% when your knowledge is learned from other mere men, leaves room for error on their part. When something is preached, taught or discussed even if it sounds right, it is the duty of each person to bring it all before me in prayer asking in my name Jesus for my truth to be revealed in what has been said, read or listened to. I will show you what is right and what is wrong but you may have to study my scriptures in doing so.
The parts of my Holy Word that’s shrouded in the mysteries of me Daughter, have to be unlocked by my Holy Spirit. Some will misinterpret my words because they have not all the pieces. No one has all the pieces but myself. When another piece is revealed, they are so staunch in their beliefs, they deny the very proof that’s presented to them by the additional pieces I now am revealing.”

“Antichrist has been crowned already by satan. Apollyon has already been released. Your world is in the time if tribulation daughter! You are! Wake up O’ sleeper, wake up now I say. Pray to me and ask me if your eyes are covered in scales to where you see only partial truth. Many will take offense and say, “I’m not deceived! My way of understanding is right,” that it’s from me.

When was the last time you laid your beliefs before me and allowed Holy Spirit to methodically and meticulously inspect them? For most, not often because many would have to step out publicly and say, “I was wrong”. Many do not like to do this because of pride or thoughts of what another person might think So, you carry on preferring to have a half-truth with your pride and even positions intact while you lead others off my narrow path. Wake up O’ sleepers. Come out of the fog of satan. His brain fog of deception. Ask me to show you, my truth. My truth.”

I watch Jesus as he cries passionately to our world even though its only him and me here. Yet I know somehow the whole world has heard his passionate cries. Then I awoke.


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Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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