Awake Deborah’s – Sarah L Aldrich

Awake Deborah’s

June 7, 2020 10:22 PM
Sarah L Aldrich

Today I heard the Lord say AWAKE! AWAKE! Deborah! Come arise mother’s to the nations! For I am sending you my beloveds and they need woman who were born for such a time as this! For my children have need of what only a true mother can give.. I’ve called you to encourage, comfort, and even yes lead as Deborah did during a time of great famine and war.. don’t loose hope for now is the time I am pouring out My Spirit on all flesh.. my sons and daughters need mighty mothers who have fought great battles in their faith walk and know how to overcome! Ones who hear my voice and obey, who don’t conform to the things of the world but have been transformed by my presence! Ones who hear the sound of heaven! Who will go forth with courageous acts of faith and crush the head of the enemy! My mighty women who heed to my call spend time in worship and praise who speak to me daily and know my voice! Today I say again AWAKE! AWAKE! my Deborah’s! It is time!

May the breath of God blow on All who read this now and bring your weary bones back to life! May you be Strengthened and encourage for now is the time! Prepare and be encouraged!

Blessings 💗 Sarah L Aldrich


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