Awake..Awake oh sleeper – Krystal Beall

Krystal Beall

May 25 2018

Awake..Awake oh sleeper for the midnight hour has struck and in the twinkling of an eye all will change. Gross darkness floods the earth and few notice. Few cry out. Blow the trumpet in Zion. Watchmen sound the alarm. For the day of the LORD is at hand. Lo…it is here. The alarm of war is sounding. The bell is ringing. A day of clouds and thick darkness. A day of reckoning. A day of calamity. Woe be unto the earth. To the mockers and scoffers. For the dragon is cast down and the beast has risen and sits in your midst. Strike the plow shears. Beat the breast oh men of clamor. Men of valor. Men of battle. I have set the faces of many men as flint and hardened many hearts of a great army I have raised up to carry out my plan and purpose. To fulfill my will. Desolation rolls in with a mighty thunder and with a flash panic grips the heart of many…failing them from fear. Many have consumed a grevious and most bitter chalice. Yet for many the chalice is yet to be consumed. A cup of mourning and lamentations shall be poured out over the nations. America is envaded by hornets and driven into further captivity. Blind by pride. Clothed in rebellion. Adorned in arrogance and bathed in sin America is weighed in the balances and found wanting. She shall cut down and cast into an oven. A great heat..a fervent fire. A refining flame. You say all is well as you lay in your bed of decit. So few are interested in my coming. Worship of self. Lovers of pleasure. Lovers of fame, fortune, power and pride. I AM unknown to many. Many utter my name with their lips. A passing praise. A fleeting moment of worship. God is good I hear you say in passing. No real knowledge. No real understanding. No real desire. Why have I allowed pain to grip your nation America. Why have I allowed the enemy to do the damage he has done. Your nation has rejected me. Does the nation repent, mourn, cry out for forgivenes..for mercy. I tell you in TRUTH ..very few. Very few. It is past the point of healing the nations. For my kingdom come and my will be done. It grieves and angers me to behold humanity in the current place in which they reside. All is coming to pass and nearing fulfillment of that which is written. For deep calls unto deep. And blood cries out for vindication. Many love the world and hug the beast system tight. Blinded by the disguise and masquerade of the angel of light. Satan. With increased knowledge men run to and fro seeking answers in vain.Drawing empty cups from a dry well. Many are filled with knowledge yet are depleted in wisdom. Wisdom of the world is foolishness to me. I tear down the beasts kingdom. Why LORD…why is this happening. You have rejected me. I weary with the ways of man. The vanity in which he sows. The wealth he thinks he possess. Yet is bankrupt. I grieve all the more when those in sin fail to remove the plank from their own eye before lending a hand to remove their neighbors. I can not stress to you enough how this grieves and angers me. Those who think they are righteous before me…yet live in sin. Clothed in long and flowing gowns. Adorned with glistening jewels. Dwelling in houses of sin and vanity. Debauchery. I will visit thee swift and bring my rod of correction upon you. Under the weight of it you will bow. You will weep at the revelation of it all. And in your calamity, your great exposure I shall Annoint your eyes with salve that ye may see and understand the error of your ways. The pain you inflict upon me and others and the cost of it all. I too shall cover you with the balm of gilead. You shall walk forth in righteousness. Holiness shall be your garment. Wisdom your spouse. I your shepherd. Your LORD and God. Your savior. Your friend…your bridegroom. Your all in all. In a moment it all changes. Rest in my love my longing doves. Be still. Be wrapped in my blanket of blood and sheltered under my wing. For with the great darkness comes my great light. And with the great destruction comes great restoration. I know many are weary. How long oh LORD how long. Truly I tell you it is midnight. Do not look back. Ahead. Up..stay awake. For the wedding banquet is set before you..Awake..Awake. The great shaking. A great silence. A great stillness..A joyous cymbal. A lifted veil. A revelation…I come
Jesus Christ


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