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Auroras Fill the Daylight Sky / Your Source of Life – LynL

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Auroras Fill the Daylight Sky / Your Source of Life

March 13, 2023 12:09 PM
Last night was the first time I felt the Holy Spirit wanted to give me something in the middle of the night. I took out my journal and this is exactly how it was said:
Auroras Fill the Daylight Sky

03/13/23 (2:20am-2:25am, title given at 2:48am)

What a sight, their swirling colors
Paint the sky, with colors of an unnatural hue
They swirl and swish the disheveled sky
Their beauty unseen, will now be seen
By all who know my name
The canvas of lights, what a sight
They dance like heavens light
Up and down, they swirl around
To make us know are time is now
Colored lights, what a sight
Darkness comes, after the lights!

Your Source of Life

(03/13/23 Given at approx. 8:00 AM)

Abundance, joy, love, strength in weakness, soul searching, to have, to give, to be is what life is about. It is about our connecting to our true source and light. It is about connection. It is about all that is. There is nothing more important than being. Nothing makes sense without me. Nothing is connected without the source. Its source is me, the great I Am.

I Am your source of power and life. I Am your ability to do. I Am part of you. Plug into your source of life before it’s too late, for we are at the starting gate.

All works so intricately together. Like the tides and the waves, their purpose divine. My signs in the sky, become apparent now. Watch to see, what was put by me, to be the sign you have been waiting to see. I Am those signs; my words are me.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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