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Attention Attention Your Call To Duty: FINAL REPORT!

May 14, 2021

Can you still say? “Since our fathers have slept, nothing has changed?”
Yes Or No?
Answer Me In Your Heart?
Can you still throw that back in the Face of your God?

Well Monday became Tuesday: nothing much happened.
Tuesday became Wednesday: more of the same.
Wednesday became Thursday: on and on through the weeks, months, years.

Give Your Head A Shake! You are on a Treadmill! You refuse to see the forest for the trees! Your supposition that after enough people have taken “The Killer Vax”, it will all go back to normal, constitutes a total denial of what your societies have already morphed into. Waste no time thinking this delusion, it is a lie from the snake king’s headquarters. It Will Never Happen!

Each minute the frog lounges in the warm water, is one closer to his demise. The heat is coming back to the land Babylon, the stove is going to receive a surge, a jolt of electricity, which I will allow because you are totally compliant to their agenda and have agreed to join the Race of Doom, of the snake king and his minions, with all its dehumanizing diabolical tricks and enforced laws!

Come on nothing much has happened. We are still able to carry on.
Really? For How Much Longer? The Summer Solstice is around the corner and the evil ones want more progress on the road to annihilation of My Children. When The elastic band is stretched to its limits, there is a pause and then it snaps back in a flash. You are collectively and individually Now At The Pause. When you pass from one room to another, the doorway is the conduit but also the transition.

Nature is also holding her breath. She is also waiting. The animal kingdom has raised its ears to the situation, they are on-alert. My Angels are at their posts. (Read Revelation Chapter 14 Verses 6 – 11)

If you are not with Me you are against Me! Look Out! Those that are awake, first spiritually, second physically: prayed-up, covered by The Blood Of Jesus, the full Armor Of God (Ephesians Chapter 6 Verses 10 – 19) and have the Holy Spirit Fire surrounding them, then prepped and prepared: Be At Peace, Stand Ready To Present Arms, Attention, Advance Forward, Charge!

Those that are asleep will feel the jolt down to the marrow bone. Those that are in a coma, must be left to their own devices, for they will only wake-up in the Lake of Fire. Many have already joined Satan’s army and march along in rigid formation, the rank and file strictly surrounded and protected, kept-in-line, controlled by demons inside them and those along-side in their march to the precipice of the nest of their leader. Many are no longer human, have consecrated or sold their souls to the evil one. Such is the enforced progress of their march to Hell that even if they would have second thoughts and like to flee the Phalanx of Styx, it is too late!

I AM has waited patiently, all Heaven has prayed for this generation. I AM has sent prophets, watchmen & watchwomen without number to every nation, tribe and people in an effort to make you make the right choice. Choosing eternity with God over the decay of your cities, towns and land, the putrefaction of the waters of the earth, the destruction of your families, children, seniors, by this world-wide Culture of Death.

But No There Are Too Few Who Hear My Call; who have chosen Heaven over this dying earth. Therefore the dye is cast! The verdict handed down by the Court of Heaven. The molten metal of the Furnace of Fire of the Holy Spirit (for the saved), of My Judgments & Wrath (for the lost), is set to be poured down on all of you Children of Adam & Eve: collectively & individually! Then the sparks will fly off the fire & brimstone:

“And the angel took the censer and filled it with the fire of the altar and threw it down upon the earth, and there were peals of thunder, rumblings, and flashes of lightning and an earthquake. And the seven angels who had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound the trumpet.”
Revelation Chapter 8 Verses 5 – 6

To My Prophets & Watchmen & Watchwomen:
My Voices Upon The Earth, You Will Soon Be Silenced!
“Well done my good and faithful servants.”

“For the Lord does nothing without revealing his secrets to his servants the prophets.”
Amos Chapter 3 Verse 7

Continue to Pray & Watch. My Hand is not shortened that it can not save. But time is up for you true enemies of God!
The day is well spent, the night is here!
The curtains have been drawn!
The play is over!

To My Own:
Your Father in Heaven Loves you all!
His Arms will always protect you!
Close your eyes to this dying world!
It will all pass as a dream if you will let go of the past, this so-called present reality; a Modern World created to seduce and destroy you forever.
I AM Your Future!
Come forward step-by-step. Know that your under the Wings of Love, sheltered from the Storm, you and your loved ones. Fear Not, I AM Your father, My Arms await you all. Don’t Hesitate it is Now. Come to your everlasting Glory.
I AM Waiting!

The Holy Spirit told me for two days straight the three words “The Killer Vax”, then I saw Jeff Byerlys video on the same title. Much of this message is very prevalent in many postings now, I did not want to send as I thought I was piggy-backing on others words, also this message contains parts that have been in previous messages I was given. I heard the “draw the curtains” repeatedly after being forced to listen to a Rolling Stones (their satanic majesties) lyric on seduction/fornication, but God utilized it for a warning: Praise The Lord! We are very hard of hearing and have to be told to straighten up, repeatedly. I confessed my sins on May 10th and was hit that night by a physical attack that not only sent me to the doctor but has destroyed my sleep and health since…Times are rough and gonna get worse, Stay Ready!

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