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Atlantic Tsunami: The Mother Of All Waves! – Emilie

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Atlantic Tsunami: The Mother Of All Waves!

March 27, 2024

I had a tsunami dream back in 2019. My dream is as follows:

Dream – Florida East Coast Tsunami – Aug 15, 2019 at 6:00am

I dreamed that I was wading in the ocean (east coast) in Florida with people who had children with them. I do not know who these people are in real life—I was acquainted with them in my dream because I seemed to be in the midst of their group. I saw some of their children going further out into the ocean, some with a parent, some on their own. I worried for them and kept looking at the waves to ensure that they were not getting bigger. Because if they would get bigger those children would be in trouble way out there.

The next scene is that I was looking at paper-mâché type of ocean map on a table. I was placing cutouts of those children in between the paper waves further out in the ocean so that I could get a look at the scene more clearly for myself.

Next scene, I’m now back in the ocean, and that’s when I counted all the children to make sure they were still all there. There were nine children total. Five of them, ages 10 – 12, went out further in the ocean with or without a parent and four stayed closer to shore. I saw one little girl way out there in the ocean who seemed to have found a sand bar where it was very shallow for her…water only up to her knees.
I was near the younger children who stayed closer to the shore. Then, I looked up at what at first I thought was the dark clouds, but it wasn’t! I said right out loud, “Oh my Lord, it’s the mother of all waves!” I saw a dark wave coming that was so high that it reached the clouds in the sky. I said to the man next to me, “The mother of all waves is coming, look!” He immediately went out to try to save whichever of his children were out there further in the ocean. I knew he would have no time before the wave came in. Parents of the young children near shore picked them up and ran towards the beach.

I grabbed the hand of a small boy who was next to me and ran for shore. We ran to a Walmart that was near the beach. The door was unlocked even though the Walmart was closed, and ran into the building with the little boy, up the stairs to the second floor. We went to the big window to watch what was going to happen. But then I realized we still needed to get higher. So, with the child in hand, we ran up the stairs to the third-floor. I noticed that all the lights were off in the building. That’s probably because it was closed for business. I thought about looking for light switches to turn on some of the lights, but I knew that once the wave hit, the lights would go out anyway.
Just then my alarm went off and I woke up.
~ End of Dream ~


Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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