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Asteroid Impact Tsumani Dream – Blue Angel

Asteroid Impact Tsumani Dream

June 9, 2020 2:58 PM
Blue Angel

When I was around five years old I saw a Panoramas vision on me and my mothers bedroom wall I was very much awake I could see fiery Like astroids rocks falling from the sky there was fire and heat in various Arias I could also hear people screaming crying and weeping I could also feel their pain as a young child knowing this vision had yet to come to past I realize like Sodom and Gomorrah this was on a much broader scope The panorama vision on the wall took place around 47 years ago. Reading the holy Bible as well as various prophecies and visions I thought to myself I would like to have another vision or dream-be careful what you asked for two days ago in a dream I was standing on a mountain I can see far into the valley about 50 miles I could see the ocean and the tree lines all of a sudden I saw tsunami, from the ocean proximately 120 foot tall far above the tree lines I do not know where this took place where I was. But I do feel I must warn people whether near the ocean or inland please get your walk right with the Lord Jesus Christ before it’s too late

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  1. Get Jesus and Ask his forgiveness and follow Him. Talk to Jesus, ask,read Bible. Jesus is the only Savior and NOW is the time to go to him. Do not put it off. Jesus came for you. If today was to be the last day of your life, if you was on death row watching the clock click down to your last heart beat. After death where will you to go too,,,,Heaven or Lake of fire. Only the Redeemer and His Blood is Sufficient to Saved a Person. Thank You God for Your Lamb.
    Jesus is Lord, King, Savior, Friend, and Our Hero.
    You Are Loved.

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