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Asteroid Impact Tsumani Dream – Blue Angel

Asteroid Impact Tsumani Dream

June 9, 2020 2:58 PM
Blue Angel

When I was around five years old I saw a Panoramas vision on me and my mothers bedroom wall I was very much awake I could see fiery Like astroids rocks falling from the sky there was fire and heat in various Arias I could also hear people screaming crying and weeping I could also feel their pain as a young child knowing this vision had yet to come to past I realize like Sodom and Gomorrah this was on a much broader scope The panorama vision on the wall took place around 47 years ago. Reading the holy Bible as well as various prophecies and visions I thought to myself I would like to have another vision or dream-be careful what you asked for two days ago in a dream I was standing on a mountain I can see far into the valley about 50 miles I could see the ocean and the tree lines all of a sudden I saw tsunami, from the ocean proximately 120 foot tall far above the tree lines I do not know where this took place where I was. But I do feel I must warn people whether near the ocean or inland please get your walk right with the Lord Jesus Christ before it’s too late


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