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Asteroid, Fault Lines and Celestial Signs – Watchwoman92
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Asteroid, Fault Lines and Celestial Signs

December 6, 2020 8:16 PM

I had this dream on December 4th, 2020.

In the dream I was standing in a large grassy field at night. There were no buildings, no cities, no trees, just me and a great big starry night sky above and all around me. The sky had a line going down the middle separating the night sky into two parts. On the left there were two large objects that look like moons, but I am not really sure if they were moons… just like the size of a full moon. They were high in the sky and one was white and one was yellow. The white one was above the yellow one lining up one above the other. One the right side of the sky was also a white “moon” and a yellow one. But on this side of the line the yellow one was above the white one. It was like I was witnessing a heavenly sign that has occurred in the past and will occur again in the future in a similar manner. Then suddenly the line in the sky was gone. The yellow “moons” were gone too, but the white circular objects remained. They were moving towards each other looking like they would collide, but they never did. Instead one passed behind the other and lined up perfectly.

Next thing I knew I was talking to one of my sisters and I was so excited and asking her if she saw the sign in the sky!? She said yes, she saw it! And I was so happy that she had seen it and was believing all the things I have been telling her for soo long now! She believed that we are in the end days. Then I was talking to another family member and he said he had not seen the sign in the sky. And I have been sharing things with him over the last several months also, but he has not made any real changes in his life. And he said to me in the dream, “Are you sure you aren’t being influenced by Satan?” This really upset me in the dream because I have been trying so hard to get this person to open their eyes. And they never believed for a long time that God can speak to us in dreams today. So, I was frustrated because he actually thought that my dreams were from Satan because he refused to believe the time in which we live! So I told him without a shadow of a doubt the Lord has been giving me the dreams over the last several months and He is coming soon!!! I have NO doubts!

The scene changed and I was seeing the earth from a far out view. Not from space, but far enough out to see the Pacific Ocean and California. I was looking at an angle where California was above me. Suddenly and violently, an asteroid zoomed past me and crashed into the Pacific Ocean. I saw from below how the water lurched and rippled… From this view I could not see how large the waves were, but they must have been huge. I knew a HUGE wave was going to hit California. But as I was looking, I could see in the very depths of the ocean, the tectonic plates shifted and opened further apart, fault lines widened under the water and a bright red-orange light appeared in the thick cracks.. keeping in mind I saw the cracks clearly from VERY high up! Then my view panned upward so I could see California very clearly and the fault lines ALL became so bright and outlined..

I have NEVER studied or researched these fault lines, but in the dream I saw them in great detail!!!

They glowed the same red-orange color…

Then my view changed and I was seeing the entire United States from a high, but straight on view. I was seeing it like it actually looks, not like an artificial map with the state lines and such. There were no state lines. I saw fault lines active throughout the entire U.S, but mostly heavily concentrated in CA. Then my attention was drawn to the east coast which is where I live. I live in coastal VA. Because there were no state lines I cannot remember the exact start and stopping point, but I know very well that just slightly inland from the coasts, maybe 2-3 hours inland, there was a baby blue vertical loop drawn on the United States.

It had little white specs in it and showed that there was flowing movement clockwise. Spread throughout this loop were yellow codes, but I cannot recall the codes. I used the Paint on my computer to draw in on a map what it looked like and about the location of where I saw it. It is very hard for me to explain what I saw. So, I will share that picture.

Right before the dream ended, I heard a man saying, like as if I was hearing someone exclaim on a news station, “The roads are completely raised off the ground!” And I saw a flash of a paved road.. that was heaved many, many feet up from the ground level near it. Like plates had moved and lifted it up very high.

End of dream


I know that this dream had much more literal things in it than most of my dreams do.

I believe that there will be an amazing sign in the heavens coming soon. I have my theories on what I was seeing, but take this to the Lord in prayer. It COULD be that I was witnessing something similar to what the shepherds in the field witnessed when Jesus was born! I think I saw that someone else had shared something similar here on the website. Perhaps the Lord will use a similar sign before He returns!

I was definitely witnessing an occurrence from the past and something that will come to pass again.

As for the asteroid and fault lines…I do believe that is literal. I think it will cause a lot of damage and we will see earthquakes and volcanic activity throughout the United States, but especially in California. A lot of devastation is coming to the earth. The Lord is giving us warning. Many of our beloved friends and family will believe! But there will be some who refuse to see the truth. We must be praying for those who are lost, for those who think we are crazy, for those who are stuck believing in the twisted doctrines they have always heard. Don’t give up on them.

I don’t have a clue what the blue flowing loop represented in the dream. I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Anyone can feel free to email me at if they have any ideas!





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