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Asteroid Dream / Trump Reelected – Dylan Jarnagin

Asteroid Dream / Trump Reelected

Nov 30, 2020, 9:37 PM
Dylan Jarnagin

I had a very interesting dream I feel led to share. I had this dream i think the 28 of nov maybe the day before. I was dreaming of alot of random things that i cant remember then I came into a room and sat on a couch and Holy Spirit prompted me to turn on the tv. There were people in this large area all talking and busy no one was paying any attention to the tv at all they were not even close enough to overhear. A man I did not recognize, he was an older white man with blue eyes, started to say that an asteriod was going to collide with earth then a trajectory map showed and I saw a asteroid turning in space on a curved like path that collided with the earth. Then the man came back on and said January 3rd at 3:44 and he started to give a serious speech but I didnt know what he was saying. While he was giving the speech i thought to myself, did he say the asteroid would hit on that day and time or did he say it would be announced on that day and time.

Right after that i woke up. I couldn’t believe i heard a day and time like that and immediately woke up it just seemed so significant. So i wrote it down and i also couldn’t remember exactly if he said 1:44 or 3:44. I began to ask Holy Spirit for interpretation and I realized I had this feeling all along as i was in the dream and first waking up that this was actually telling us when they would announce that Trump has been reelected. I feel like God was telling me I was right and that is what it meant and i feel an urgency to share this now.

Note: this is not to date set of things will happen on date mentioned. Rather lateness of the hour. Get your house in order. And or possibly that they will announce Trump Reelected on this date.

As always take all things to the Lord in prayer.

Thank you


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