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As in the days of Noah – Krystal Beall

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As in the days of Noah

August 19, 2022
Krystal Beall

In this last hour when darkness reigns and many, many, many, legions of souls have fallen away from me…. Walking in the flesh far from me….deceived. I DESIRE YOU MY FAITHFUL HAVING TAKEN ON MY FULL ARMOR…HAVING DONE ALL YOU CAN TO WITHSTAND. STAND. STAND. STAND. ARISE. Why do you doubt? Oh ye oh little faith….Why did you doubt? It is I JESUS…LORD…GOD of ALL flesh whom has done all these things. It is I alone and NO man. It is I whom am leading, guiding, moving my flock. Flipping, rearranging. Scattering. Gathering. Sowing. Reaping. I shall deliver thee. Fear not little flock for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Is it not written; have I not said that if you believe you shall see the glory of God? Yea it is written. Yea I have spoken… I have said. Believe!!!! I am the LORD the God of All Flesh is there anything too hard for me? NO. With me nothing is impossible. NOTHING IS TOO HARD. Are you walking by faith and not by sight? Are you walking in my spirit? Are you walking in me fully? I AM the way. I AM the truth. I AM the life. I AM that I AM. You my people are not in darkness but in MY light. You are awake you are watching. You know the hour and have warned. Bearing your cross. Persecuted. Broken. Weary. Heavy. A reflection of ME!!! Great great is your reward. I know the price that you have paid. I have paid the price!!!! Rejoice that I have shared my suffering and my sorrows with you….REJOICE I shall share my glory. As in the days of Noah. As in the days of Noah. As in the days of Noah. I AM merciful. Long suffering. Full of love. Compassion. I CALL ALL TO ME. ALL ARE WELCOME AT MY TABLE. IN MY HOUSE. I REJECT NO ONE. REPENT. Be Holy for I am Holy and without Holiness no man shall see me. Nothing unclean interest in my house nothing undefiled. Holiness. Blast that appear in heart for they have seen me and shall see me in my fullness. Woe to America I have warned. Woe. The hours silence and of fire. The hour of vindication. Vengeance is mine I will repay most grievous and wicked generation. My pain is this hear me I have been rejected. I HAVE BEEN REJECTED A SECOND TIME. The pain of rejection is very grievous for me. I have warned and warned and warned alas the hour has come of all fulfillment. Fire explodes in America. Arise. The house of the Lord. The house of Glory. All Things New. I have heard your prayers. I have seen your tears. I have collected them in my bottle. What you have prayed for believe you have received and it shall be yours I delight and restoration and healing my people restoring my creation from whence it has fallen. Arise. Resurrection. Walk. Enter. Behold.


August 19, 2022

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Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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