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April 8, 2021 8:47 PM
Immanuel Coriander

APR 3 2021

I stood near a stage attending a wedding of someone I knew (but in the dream I did not see whom). A priest/friar in a brown habit officiated the vows in an elaborate and decorated cathedral. Behind this friar or monk, there was an elevated area where the altar would be for Catholics. I saw deeply into the eyes of this friar. I looked him in the face and no one else. What I saw in his eyes was something of character and sincere faith. His brown habit stood in contrast to the cathedral surrounding him; I think he was from a mendicant lifestyle.

After the vows, I saw that on the stage there was a tiny fire on the floor. It appeared to be coming from christmas lights that were interwoven into a carpet floor or a rug adorning the stage. Around the front edge of the stage, the christmas lights and other decor was much denser. It led to a nativity scene or something full of extra lights and greenery at the foot of the stage. When I saw the fire, I ran over to the middle of this stage and stamped it out with my feet. But then I noticed the interweaving and how the rug covered the electrical cords. The fire sprang up elsewhere. I tried to put it out again. The fire seemed to come back every time and I began to despair. It was spreading into the bulky decor or something that looked much like a holiday cluster at the lower floor / stage front.

Next at the foot of the stage where most of the decor was, I saw a mouse running through the decor maybe along the electrical cords, but this mouse also had a dual nature and holding a match or small flame with the mouse was also a human hand, but as it were the size of a match.

When I saw the human hand I was horrified and perplexed.

End of Dream.


I am not Roman Catholic, but I know that the mendicants in particular form a kind of common ground between all branches of Christianity for their devout faith and sincere pursuit of Christ alone above all and in spite of all other distractions. For this reason, I am not surprised that the Lord has given me a dream which seems to focus on them through the Brown Habit-wearing individual in this case. Say what we may about religious structures or systems, I believe the Lord cares about whatever we build in honor of His Son, His Name, and His Word.

“Human hands” have already been caught carrying gasoline toward Roman Catholic churches in the past, and arson has unfortunately also been successfully carried out against churches many times over.

More arson is on the way, per this warning April 3rd 2021.

If you know any Roman Catholics please warn them about my dream and to be vigilant.

Blessings in Jehovah and the Son of God Jesus Christ.

— Immanuel Coriander

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