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ARS Nebula: The coming of Nibiru – Olasubomi Williams

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ARS Nebula: The coming of Nibiru

March 1, 2024 7:28 AM
Olasubomi Williams

Psalms 91, Isaiah 57, Isaiah 26,33:1-20, Isaiah 14:12-24, Revelations 12:7-12,

Words of Abba father YAH

Nibiru comes my children. The wicked planet hovers around your world, your planet. Come to me now in the secret place before it’s too late. Come now my children before the lights go dark and the enemy roams around the earth seeking to destroy much flesh. Come now children, come.

To those who are stiff necked. You are only bringing about your own destruction. Your pride and haughtiness will be your downfall. You have no wisdom, yet claim to know it all. You have been programmed to accept a lie. You have been deceived from childhood to adulthood. The deception runs deep inside of you, yet you will not come to me to seek me for yourself. You defend your lies and give reasons and justification to support your lie.

Foolishness, utter foolishness. You are deceived but now rather than come out of deception, you will rather much stay in it. You have condemned yourself to eternal suffering. I take pity on you. For in your folly, you think you are wise. In your folly you think you are all knowing. Have faith in me and trust me. Trust me for the plans I have ahead of you. You may not know it yet. But you are walking in my purpose and you will over time know me.
A great delusion is forming. A great fog casted over the minds of the masses to believe the lies of the enemy. It will come in all shapes and sizes. The enemy is ramping up his attacks and he is using non conventional means to distribute his lies and delusion. He will use the media greatly to deceive the nations and he will cast a great spell in them, pulling their minds to sleep and making them take the mark of the beast.

Children, satan is entertaining and enthroning himself in the churches of nowadays. Many of the churches all over the globe have already sworn their allegiance to satan, but they masquerade themselves as sons of light. These ones have a special place in the lake of fire.

Ars Nebula. What does that mean? It means the northern star my son. Satan is coming to destroy much flesh but he will at first seen like a guardian, a saviour. He is nothing but a liar. He said in his own heart, that he will place his throne upon the north of my Tabernacle. He will establish himself as god and he will be like me. He is a fool, a joker and he is playing the fools card on you, to deceive you into dropping your guard. This is why I say to give no place for the devil. He plays the pied piper in front of everyone and if you set your heart to listen to his sweet songs, he will ensnare you and put you down into hell fire. He is the king of tyre. The tyrant who will stop at nothing to destroy you all.

He will lead many into perdition and make them walk in disobedience until the time of their destruction. He will rally many against me along with his followers and it is from there, he will meet his end. He is playing directly into my hands.
All the prophecies and messages that I have sent to you all children, read them all over again. It is from there you will gain much knowledge and wisdom. But above all, love me your father YAH. Study my words and be diligent in it. Be diligent in the things of me and be in perfect obedience to me always. I love you all.

Your Abba father, YAH.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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