Armour Upgrades/Change Coming To Canada/Declare God’s Word As It Is A Sword – Sharlene Reimer

Armour Upgrades/Change Coming To Canada/Declare God’s Word As It Is A Sword

January 19, 2022 12:28 PM
Sharlene Reimer

Vision #339

Jan 17/22 Mon evg

I was praising and worshiping the Lord Jesus in the Throne Room as I always do. I began with interceding for Israel in song and flagging. I love Joshua Aaron’s songs combined with speaking the scriptures back to God regarding His promises for Israel used for intercession. I continued to pray and intercede for other issues. When I came to proclaim Ps 91, I found myself once again at the foot of my mountain in the front where Moses was sitting on a rock as if waiting for me. I wondered where the other warriors were. I understood they were gathered on the right side of the mtn and would meet us at the top. Moses was there to encourage me. He then motioned me to climb and we climbed in silence. We came to a large rock in front of us that appeared like a wall, intimidating me. Sometimes the enemy puts obstacles in our path that seem overwhelming or impossible to get past. This leaves us often discouraged and weary- maybe to the point of despair and we are tempted to give up or maybe we do for a time. That’s the strategy of the enemy. But we know in God, all things are possible. I think it’s also important to be in the fellowship of people that will speak truth and encouragement into our lives. Then I saw it in a different perspective. I was in the air looking down at us and saw that by just removing a few of the rocks, it would open up a way to get past. It’s important to remember to ask Jesus for help; strategies on how to remove or navigate obstacles. God may not necessarily remove them right away as He may be teaching us something, but He is faithful to keep us in His rest while we wait. And it will always be in His timing.

We continued our way and joined the other warriors at the top. I then saw myself standing in new and shiny armour. It was like a light gold metal. I then had a close up of my helmet. There are little diamonds all around the edges like sequence beading. Above the forehead in the middle are three gems. The middle gem is a pure sapphire and is larger than the two that are set on either side of it. The smaller gems are a light blue like aquamarine. The picture I found of the helmet is something like it but the part that goes over my eyes was not straight across but dipped in like the top of a heart shape as seen in the second picture.

I then had a close up of the hilt of my sword. There are three gems in the grip that are set vertically in bright golden metal. They are all the same size and shaped with 7 edges. I believe the gems are red, pink and green. (I understood the pink gem is a pink diamond. And I love pink!) I couldn’t find a picture of my sword anywhere. The one that I found is something like it. The pommel is smaller and rounded like a ping-pong (table tennis) ball size and the cross guard is not as curved. There is also something inscribed on the blade which I understand is heavenly language but I wasn’t given an interpretation. I heard, “Seek that out.” I was given Prov 25:2 “It takes the glory of God to conceal a matter and the honour of kings to search it out.” I understand that many warriors are receiving upgrades. It was my angel (whom I haven’t seen for some time now) that presented the upgraded sword.

I went off with my eagle while proclaiming Ps 91. We seemed to have stopped and landed on the ground somewhere by a stream. I looked up and saw many warriors with their eagles overhead in the thousands flying together in one direction. It was an incredible sight. I knew I was to join them. And as we were flying together, I noticed the dark clouds behind us fast approaching and surrounding us. Then I saw Jesus up higher and on my left. He was sitting on His white horse accompanied by hosts of angels. Suddenly all the warriors drew their swords. We were in a battle. I heard the Lord say, “The battle is for the nations.” And then heard Jesus speak the last verses of Ps 91, “Because they love Me, I will rescue them, I will protect them for they acknowledge My name. They will call on Me and I will answer them and I will be with them in trouble, I will deliver them and honour them. With a long life I will satisfy them and show them My salvation.”

Then I saw the church. And I saw a huge principality above it as it no longer had its talons in it. I saw the walls of the church come crumbling down. Then I heard the Lord say, “The Word of your testimony brings down walls. Proclaim My Word. Declare and proclaim scripture as My Word is a sword. Blow your shofars.”

It is my understanding that the testimony of Believers speaks a powerful word in the natural and spiritual realms. Through each story it reveals God’s glory and His heart for us. They encourage, give hope and allow faith to rise. Testimonies are like weapons against the enemy much like praise and worship, prayer and speaking God’s Word out loud- they change the atmosphere, counter what the enemy is doing and even cause them to flee! ( I was reminded of the book “The Essential Guide to Healing” by Randy Clark and Bill Johnson chapter 8)

I also understood to encourage us to continue declaring and proclaiming God’s Word over the church. Or do a prophetic act. Jesus told me during last year’s Passover 2021, to do a Joshua march around Jericho act. As I marched around the church, I declared God’s Word once a day for seven days. Then on the 7th day, I marched around 7x and blew my shofar. The vision I saw after I blew the shofar was incredible! It was the future walls of the church falling down. Jesus then began to rebuild it by hand. Then I saw a mighty angel in the air over the parking lot waiting for God to give Him the order to attack the spirit of religion that keeps the church bound in chains. Let’s battle for the church and set them free. Walls of religion fall down in Jesus name!! Strongholds break, in Jesus Christ Messiah’s name! Amen!

Then Jesus showed me a picture of the parliament building in Ottawa, Canada and the Canadian flag on a pole in front of the building. Then the building began to collapse and became a heap of rubble. And He said, “The power of My Word topples government.”

I understood we are to speak out the scripture regarding the government. E.g. Ps 33:10-11 The Lord foils the plans of the nations (government of Canada) and He thwarts the purposes of the peoples. But the plans of the Lord (for Canada) stand firm forever, the purposes of His heart (for Canada) through all generations. Jer 33:6 “Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it (Canada); I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.” Ps 72:8 “He shall have dominion from sea to sea, (in Canada) and from the river to the ends of the earth.” The word dominion was used in the official designation of Canada “The Dominion of Canada” and July 1 was called Dominion Day up until 1982. Today it is called Canada Day.

Then He showed me a new Canadian flag on a pole waving strongly in the wind. It looked the same as the old one but the colours were brighter- the red maple leaf was brilliant red and the white was purest white.

Jesus then said, “The agenda of the enemy is unraveling. I Am exposing the lies. Their time is almost up. Is not My Word like a fire, a hammer that breaks the rock to pieces? I Am not done with this nation. I will rebuild it. New leaders will rise. I Am going to plant a new flag and your nation will be glorious and free. My name will be declared. Continue to battle and don’t give up.”

Thank you, Father God!




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