Darkness, Prophecy

Arise…Arise…Arise – Krystal Beall

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February 8, 2023
Krystal Beall

Behold it is dark. Is it not? It is. It is VERY DARK. THE HOUR OF DARKNESS AND BETRAYAL I HAVE WARNED ABOUT HAS COME UPON THEE. It is written. I have spoken unto thee…. REPENT. To my faithful remnant…. REJOICE. The moment you have labored and longed for has come. Lift up your heads. Redemption. I AM FAITHFUL. I AM TRUE. In the devastation of it all…. LIFE. ETERNAL LIFE. A CROWN AS I HAVE PROMISED YOU. REJOICE all who love me. Blessed are all of you who have suffered for my namesake. Who have denied yourselves and have picked up your crosses. Following me. Living not your own lives unto the death you follow me your good shepherd. You trust me. You know that I lead beside still waters and that I AM GOOD. In me you have found rest for your soul. I have loved you with an everlasting love, Yea with kindness have I drawn you. I love you beyond all measure. Even more than my own life. I AM the light of the world that men hate. I AM the man of sorrows and despised one who men hide their faces from. I AM he who grew as a tender plant and had no form of beauty that you should behold me. I AM he who was pierced for your transgressions and by my wounds are you healed. I AM he who bore the sin of man and was crushed. Broken. Hung upon the cross. Poured out. Offered. My blood shed in love, mercy and life. It is finished. I walked among men. Loving. Teaching and healing. Befriending. Laughing. Telling stories( parables ) I LIVED. I LIVED AMONG YOU. Eating. Drinking. I LIVE today. I AM GOD. I AM MAN. I AM that I AM. As the darkness grows and increases as a thick blanket REJOICE. Fear not. I AM with you always. I will deliver you. I will open my window of heaven and pour out a blessing….Blessings in that you have room not enough to contain. So much joy you can not fathom the joy. My GLORY. Is there anything to hard for me? Is there anything impossible with me ? NO. NO. NO. Nothing is too hard and nothing is impossible with and for me. Look up and arise. I have poured out my spirit. I have given dreams. I have shown wonders. Signs. I have called and I have knocked. You have answered and opened the door for me. Inviting me in. We have dined together. United. Wed. One. We are not two. One. I love you. You are mine. I AM yours. Beloved. It is my joy to give you my kingdom. To restore you in full measure. To heal you. Eat and be satisfied. Drink and thirst no more. The pain of this journey you shall not remember. Forgotten. All things new. Awaken. Dew. Songs of loudest praise. A new song. One of love. Thanksgiving. Life. Eternal. The cleansing fire and the threshing floor. I tear down to rebuild. Better than you could ever hope for. The hour of war and of transition. The king from the north and great evil. Unleashing. Beauty for ashes. Arise. The kingdom of man is finished. No stone left unturned. Rubble. Hearts that were as stone have melted into flesh in the fire. In the destruction and destruction and devestation many have lost their love for this fallen world whom the god of is the evil one. Blessed are your eyes for they see. Your ears for they hear. Blessed are you for you are mine. You live is me CHRIST you die is gain. I AM life itself. You belong to me. Awaken beloved. Arise. Come forth. Live. Walk with me. Looking ahead. Looking up. Behold my face the one speaking with you. I have something wonderful to reveal to you. Well done thy good and faithful servant. Friend. The veil is torn. Lifted. Removed. Enter into the joy … The great joy of the LORD. Sit. Dine. Talk with me. Come …Arise…Arise…Arise I SAY. Dance!!!!



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