Babylon, Judgment

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Are you ready?

July 23, 2020 8:57 PM

This is a word I received from the Lord July 22nd after prayer and reading the Bible. I heard the Lord speak to me in my spirit and he told me to write these words down.

Are you ready? I come quickly. Hearken unto this day and be ready to receive for me. Your enemy a wait at the door, get into my ark for I am safety I am the rock of the ages I am Sovereign above all. Behold there are many seducing spirits be not deceived for I am with you. Lay hold of me for I am love, I am also righteous. judgment awaits from a far and even now so Close. Have I not forgotten who you are to me and what you’ve done oh Babylon how great is your fall it will come swiftly, you will meet your demise and be submerged on all sides. Get into the ark, time is short, do not turn back, but turn to me I am your refuge and I am your shield. Many will perish, pray for mercy. I love you with an everlasting love. I do not wish any would perish. Forsake all and make yourselves ready. Let my spirit purify you and surrender unto me. don’t forget my word, keep it close to you.



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