Are you part of the 144,000? The 10 LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL – Elizabeth Marie

Are you part of the 144,000? The 10 LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL

June 23, 2022
Elizabeth Marie


While praying on 5/28/22, I heard ‘144,000,” and inquired of the LORD about it. I believe that this is also in reference to the LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL.

I then heard this message, which contains the CHARACTERISTICS OF THE 144,000:

“The 144,000 is a representative number of the SERVANTS that are here on the earth. It is those who walk with ME in purity. They have not defiled their garments, and have not worshiped idols, but only ME.

Their virginity is spiritual, for they have forsaken all others for ME. They are faithful and true. They are MY BRIDE. I have washed away their sins, and all is new, pure and clean. No stains are on their garments. They are white – brilliant white.

I have called them into MY SERVICE.

These are MY WITNESSES, for they bear testimony for ME.

I have sealed MY NAME upon their foreheads, and they are MARKED for and by ME.

They names are written in the Book of Life.

They are humble servants that are submitted to MY will.

They are hidden in plain sight, and most do not see them.

I have called them out to be separate from the world.

They are unpolluted, and untainted from the world system, for they have come out of BABYLON.

These CHOSEN ONES will rule and reign with ME in MY NEW KINGDOM.

They are not a mystery as some would think…. but their ways illuminate who they really are.

They are those who have been chosen to Walk with ME….they follow the LAMB where HE goes! They are the true followers…..the SHEEP OF MY FLOCK!

They hear MY voice!

They have endured much, suffered much, and the fires of affliction has cleansed them.

Their powers are MY POWERS…..to HEAL, TO CAST out demons, to COMMAND THE WEATHER, and to RAISE FROM THE DEAD. They shall do even greater works!

O YE OF LITTLE FAITH, do you not believe that you could be part of the 144,000? Examine your FRUIT, and I will show you!”



Revelation 7:4-15 & Revelation 14: 3-5:


1) 10 LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL: They are from the 12 TRIBES. Many people do NOT know there full heritage, and, unknowingly could be a part of the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel. This means that there are people with Jewish heritage that do not know it.

2) They come OUT of the GREAT TRIBULATION

3) Their ROBES are made white in the BLOOD OF THE LAMB

4) They are before the THRONE OF GOD

5) They SERVE HIM day and night

6) They sing a NEW SONG that no one else can learn

7) They are the FIRST-FRUITS to GOD and the LAMB

8) In their mouths were found NO DECEIT

9) They are without FAULT

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