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ARE YOU MY BRIDE? – Brother Moses


April 7, 2022 9:04 PM
Brother Moses
You will always be at the top never at the bottom.Deut 28:13.

April 8,2022

Words from the Lord

I am a God that does not change, My standard remains the same throughout all generations. I love all my children and desires to fill them with my spirit. My plan for my children is so great beyound what
you can think of or will ever imagine for I am the Perfect Father. I love all my children with an everlasting love. Eyes have not seen, hears have not heard neither have the heart of man be able to know or understand the great things I have prepared for all those who loves me with all their heart.

My child I your God longs for intimacy with You, for that is the major purpose why I created you, but it is sad that many of my children denies me of an intimate relationship with them. They love to play with the world than to sit at my presense. The world can never give you any true satisfaction. True satisfaction only comes from an intimate relationship with your God who love you and
gave Himself for you. I am coming very soon, much sooner than your mind can imagine, to rapture my bride and take her to the heavenlies. To my
kingdom of great glory and beauty beyound human comprehension.

My bride are all those who have fully turned their back from these dark and evil world. She loves me with all her, spirit, soul and body. The world does not attract her, for she has placed me at the center of her heart. My presense is the best place that she loved to stay. My bride have fully surrendered all her life and will to me. She dies daily to the flesh that is her self. Her heart beats after me. She loves my word more than her necessary food. She is my warrior bride and always intercedes before me. She is the only light that is shining in these dark world and immidatly my beloved bride is taken away, the world shall sink in to deep darkness and the mystrey of iniquity will be fully reaveled. My bride is extremely beautiful, filled with my holiness, peace, joy and love. My bride will always be at the top, for she has made me the first person in her life. She will never walk in darkness, but will always shine forth brightly as light in these dark and cruel world. ARE YOU MY BRIDE?


Coordinating Scriptures

Malachi 3:6
1 John 3:16
1 Cor 2:9
1 John 3:1-4
Luke 10 :27

Brother Moses.


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