October 7, 2018


My daughter, write these words down.

My anger and My fury will come as a whirlwind upon the wicked. They have seared their consciences by taking an oath to the master they follow, Ha Satan. They imagine they are the “cream of the crop” for their master tells them they are superior. You children must realize and see through the smokescreen, the smoke and mirrors. The puppet masters have you fully engrossed believing all the lies. Can you not see how the actors and actresses play their roles? You are witnessing people that will sell their soul for a dime, souls so tainted that murder means nothing to them. The corruption, lies, deceit, bribes, kudos and perks received for doing the bidding of their master are all part of your demise. Children, whose pockets do they line? Is it yours?

I have told you before they have systematically been destroying the earth; your air, water, land polluted. They have poisoned every good thing I have blessed My people with. They, the Luciferians, have made it impossible to live. These families control it all children. They manipulate stock markets, control housing markets, own most of the retail industry, run and own large corporations. You are enslaved to them. They dictate pricing and every other facet of your lives. How many times have you heard they are working on your behalf and will make the world a better place to live?

Look around and shake off your slumber! Your nation is collapsing right before your eyes; store closings left and right, housing prices sky high, pay wages lower than ever. You are enslaved to their beast system already. Tell Me children, if all is well and America is on the “rebound” then why are there more homeless people than ever before? Why are small businesses no longer thriving? Why are stores in malls closed? Why are your paychecks not keeping up with the cost of living?

They live lavishly, eating and drinking the finest, living in penthouses, high rises, owning several homes, boats, cars, yachts even. Do you not see the division? The middle class were purposely removed in order to crush the economy. It was what kept a balance but now you see the richest get richer, the poor poorer and the middle class fighting and hanging on by a thread to stay afloat.

You children believe nothing has changed over the years. You have been “programmed” and “indoctrinated” to believe their lies. It was all planned so long ago. They have laughed at all of you behind closed doors and are even amazed at how easily you accept what they say as truth. There is no truth in them. They are liars, deceivers just like the father they follow. They mock Me, they do NOT follow Elohim for they believe they are “their own gods”. AH, how clever the adversary is! He has them hook, line and sinker and they will burn in hell with him.

I have been trying to wake you up children!!! Can you not discern how truly wicked man’s heart can be? Can you not see through the smokescreen? What will it take to shake you awake? Will you wake up when martial law is declared and you are rounded up and taken away for your final exit from this world? Yes children they salivate over the fact that soon they will exterminate you. You are parasites, insects and useless eaters!!!

You are in the way of their Utopian Society that will never fully come to fruition for I will slam them so hard you will hear the crushing of their skulls. These souls will NEVER repent; many already modified, not fully human. I will crush the wicked for all their crimes against My unborn, My little ones, My people—for destroying the hearts, minds and souls of My creation. Children, if I were to tell how many millions have been murdered by them you would be aghast. Their blood cries out to Me. Their blood runs into the depths of the earth—so many buried in shallow graves—so many never found. MURDER, MURDER, MURDER IS THEIR MANTRA!!!! I will recompense My children. This evil must go. I must destroy this nation for all the evil, abominations, sexual immorality, idolatry and sins against Me, the One, the Only Great I AM!

There was NONE before Me and there will be NONE after Me! Who will be able to stand in My Presence? Who is My equal? Who created the heavens and earth? Who speaks and it goes forth? Who holds the keys of death and hell in His Hand? Who will come to judge the living and the dead?

You see My children, these Luciferians do NOT FEAR Me! OH THEY WILL FEAR ME!! You also children, do NOT FEAR Me. The FEAR of Elohim is the beginning of wisdom. You who do NOT FEAR Me lack wisdom and understanding. You, too, think you can live against what I have ordained, live as you wish, believing you have nothing to fear. OH YOU WILL FEAR ME!! At one time, man FEARED the I AM and they loved Me. Now, man has been brainwashed by your lying Pastors and Preachers that you need not fear Me. Keep believing their lies and you will be with the elitists in hell too. I AM A CONSUMING FIRE!!! You will soon see that you either repent because your garments are as filthy rags or you will go to your final destination—down into eternal darkness, void forever of My Presence, My Light.

For those who are wise and have acknowledged you are a sinner, who repent daily, who commune with Me, who desire Me, who ask forgiveness realizing they need Me, your destination will be one of “eternal bliss”, “peace that surpasses all understanding”, “My Love which is immeasurable and as deep as the ocean”. You will join with the angel’s songs and be with Me in the “new earth”, “the kingdom” soon to come!!! You will suffer no longer. You will be healed, restored and set free and Ha Satan will no longer be able to seek to kill and destroy. What I have planned for all who repent and return will be unlike anything you have ever tasted and seen on this earth. It will be beyond beautiful and your hearts will be overcome with such joy. You will be surrounded by love forever!

Will you come to this living water and drink? Will you come to this fountain of life everlasting? It is there for you but you must allow Me in. All doors will be closed to all unrepentant souls. Only those with a contrite spirit I will save!

After the kick-off event it will be like a stack of dominoes as it all falls, one by one in quick succession. What will you do when your mammon is gone, your food is gone, your waters contaminated, poisoned? Will you cry out to Me, the Master of the Universe, the I AM or will you curse Me even more because you are now stripped naked? This is when you will have to choose Me or deny Me. This decision you need to make NOW for many of you won’t be around much longer. This world is in a death spiral. All is dying around you. Wake up before it is too late for you!

My child, enough said. I AM has spoken. May those with eyes to see and ears to hear heed these Words and go tend to the lost so they may be found.


I love you children but you are comatose, complacent and you need to “snap out of it!!!” I continue to call to you. Are you listening?


(Given to Ms. Sophie on 10/6/2018)

He wants you to read all of Isaiah 66.

Once again I asked to put this up so you understand

Ha-Satan with the definite article occurs 13 times in the Masoretic Text, in two books of the Hebrew Bible: Job ch. 1–2 (10×)[13] and Zechariah 3:1–2 (3×).[14]Satan without the definite article is used in 10 instances, of which two are translated diabolos in the Septuagint and “Satan” in the King James Version (KJV):

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