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ARE YOU DAUNTLESS? – Watchman Marah


March 29, 2020 2:22 PM
Watchman Marah


We are coming into troubling times. Some Christians rebuke me and say No! God is a God of peace. He would never cause Calamity!
I am sorry, but read the Old Testament,
and remember God doesn’t change. He is
the same loving God in the old testament as
He is in the New. But sometimes God does
not spare the rod. And Yeshua our coming King will Rule the world with a Rod of iron.

Though our God is good, compassionate, loving, forgiving, gentle, kind, slow to anger, faithful, long suffering, and Yeshua His Son is called ‘The Prince of Peace’…do not think He doesn’t get angry. He is also called a Mighty Warrior, a man of War.

He allows the people to go through great trials and tribulations to humble us, chastise, and discipline us when we are out of line. Not because He hates us, but because He loves us so. To Him, we act like little children some times. We need to learn things that will help us to be faithful, to submit, to be selfless, and obedient, to take us out of the world.
The last days are upon us. And the books of
the prophets and Revelation all tell you that Calamity will come. Judgments will come
and are here now. Hence the Trumpet and
Bowl judgments.

Recently 5/24/19, I dreamt that we were warriors for God in these last days. We were
doing Spiritual Warfare and many battles
were fought.

God told me, we were to be “DAUNTLESS”.
I looked up the word dauntless: Fearless,
determined, resolute, indomitable, intrepid,
plucky, spirited, steely, confident, undaunted,
undismayed, unalarmed, unflinching, unshrinking, unabashed, unfaltering, bold,
audacious, valient, brave, courageous, heroic
and daring. That’s DAUNTLESS.

We are to be Dauntless in Faith,
Dauntless in Prayer,
Dauntless in the Word,
Dauntless in Service
Dauntless in Praise and
Dauntless in Warfare

We were an Aggressive, Feared Army for God.
The forces of evil fled from us. For we were of
one heart and one mind for God, Fighting the Good Fight of Faith.

Right now, many of us are going through boot camp with Yeshua. He is training His Army and I believe we will be going through a transformation. And we will be Dauntless for our Lord and King.

But don’t wait, be dauntless NOW!

See you at the Front Lines!
Watchman Marah


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  1. Angie

    Thank you for your word, I would just like to emphasize your date and time of receiving your message from our Lord. Look up Revelations 2:22 and Revelations 22:2. It is so apt for the times we are living in and we all need to choose which path we are going to take.

    Revelation 2:22 New King James Version (NKJV)

    22 Indeed I will cast her into a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her into great tribulation, unless they repent of [a]their deeds.

    Revelation 22:2 New King James Version (NKJV)

    2 In the middle of its street, and on either side of the river, was the tree of life, which bore twelve fruits, each tree yielding its fruit every month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

  2. Nettie

    Watchman Marah.
    Thank you. I hope youdon’t mnd, but the Spirit urge me to add some revelations I was given. It pertains to the part where you said God is a Mighty Warrior, a Man of War.

    In Revelations, Jesus warns, return to your FIRST love.
    The Bible is divided into two testaments. God showed me its two sides of Him. Two stories. He says: “millions to come, thats what eternity is for!”.

    So what do we know of God so far? First, He created Adam and eventually, in Deuteroniom, He divided the land amongst the Sons of Noah. Its called the Table of Nations. 70 grandsons, 70 pieces. He appointed Angels over each, and chose ONE for Himself. The smallest, the least of them.

    In the Apocryphia, you can read that after Noah’s death, everyone gathered in the East of Mesopatamia for about a year to mourn. When they went back to their individual “countries”, the 70 nations, Canaan’s people did not all go back to their own. Some went to the land we know today as Canaan, but which was not given to Ham’s children of which Canaan was one. It was given to Shem’s children. So it was illegally occupied and taken from Israel.

    God took care of Israel, but eventually, He lead them BACK into the “promised land” which WAS legally theirs. The Canaanites were the thieves, AND they had mixed their blood.

    That is why God wanted the Israelites to completely annihilate them. So He IS a God of War. But not unnecessary and He is long suffering before He choose war. And it is ALWAYS with much reason. He warned the Israelites, if you do not kill these mixed bloodlines, they will become a thorn. Today, MUCH death of children can be attributed to the descendants of these mixed bloodlines still living amongst us. So killing their children sounded harsh and was too difficult for the Israelites to accomplish, but God had reason. He wanted to protect the innocents of TODAY.

    So God had much reason, but still, we MUST remember He IS a God of War. A mighty Warrior. And He can and will destroy. We are supposed to love God with ALL our heart and soul and mind. Be careful though that you do not choose to ONLY love His Son, His image, His second revealing of Himself, and forget His first. YOUR first love. God of the Old testament. Who hardened the Farao’s heart, and thus mightily punished them for years of oppression of His people, eventually killing their children, and then their whole army. Do not stop loving God of old and only love Jesus, because He is a also a warrior and can reveal Himself as a man of War, annihilation and destruction. Love BOTH sides of Him.

    Remember always that He did it because those being punished did much sin. Much torture and killing and death. Nineva for example skinned visitors alivem which is why Jonah feared to ho there.

    God did not punish for no reason. And also, remember He was a Bridegroom who chose Himself a bride, married her, and then had a Child with her. Which He then gave to the World. Remember both sides of Him, but understand that it was ALL done out of love for the World. Up to the End, all is done out of love for His wife and His children.

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