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October 12, 2020 8:37 AM
Only a Grain of Sand

October 11 & 12, 2020

1 Peter Chapter 1 Verses 4 – 7 Thanksgiving
“…unto an incorruptible inheritance – undefiled and unfading, reserved for you in heaven. 5. By the power of God you are guarded through faith for salvation, which is ready to be revealed in the last time. 6. Over this you rejoice; though now for a little while if need be, you are made sorrowful by various trails, 7. that the temper of your faith – more preciously by far than gold which is tried by fire – may be found unto praise and glory and honour at the Revelation of Jesus Christ.”

The pages are turning quickly now. But many do not see the changes, afoot. In fact they think it is all still the same line, train of thought, movement of life slowly returning to normal. Getting accustomed to wearing a mask, social distancing, self-isolation, obsessive sanitization.

These lies and machinations are only to soften you up for the next wave, the next set of rules, the next step in their diabolical agenda. Those at the top read their scripts before the cameras, with a feigned sincerity, before the teleprompters, with per-determined questions! They are laughing at you behind close doors, off camera, off microphone. At your total acceptance of every step in the Dance of Annihilation, they direct!

You are being stripped of your humanity. You are being stripped of your culture and faith. You are being stripped of your Christian Civilization. You are being stripped of your independence, plans, freedoms, families, jobs, money, future, lives.

They want your minds, bodies, souls, thoughts, feelings, actions, looks, words, to conform to the snake king’s plan to destroy the Children of God, along a path to being complete slaves, robots, hybrids, zombies, the walking soulless dead.

But you say:
“We must be obedient to the civil authorities”
Soon you will see the line drawn in the sand, the choice between Heaven & Hell!

Yes Or No to the Vaccine? Yes Or No to the Mark of the Beast? Yes Or No to your Creator God?

But you say regarding the End Times:
“Oh no that is not in this generation. That will be far in the future.”
“God will understand. He is a God of Mercy “
“My family has to eat, I have to have a job to pay the bills.”
“We can not give-up what we have worked for all these years.”
“The government has our best interests, our health and welfare at heart.”
“I know God will forgive us for capitulating to the Vaccine & Mark.”
“It is the future of mankind to advance towards a new era of peace, a brotherhood of nations, with an end of war and a civilization of love.”

No Sooner Will You Make Your Choice, That The Results Will Be Instantaneous And Irrevocable! There Will Be No Turning Back My Children! It will be too late to back-track, there will not even be time for regret, for those who take the Vaccine & Mark of the Beast, of their own volition!

The evil ones technology is far advanced, beyond your imagination. True they have given you some clues; an avalanche of flickering images (Movies, TV Videos), but you will not be able to fathom the speed you will change, your relationships with family members, former friends and neighbors. For they will morph in the blink of an eye. You will run with the herd towards the cliff of the Lake of Fire. Husband against wife, wife against husband, father against child, child against father, mother against all. Murders, cannibals, no longer fully-human, but monsters.

God The Father created you in the first place, you came from inside Him! You are the image and likeness of God. You must return to Him at the end of your time on earth. Your lives are like a passing moment in the arc of eternity. This world is passing away, it is exhausted from all the sins of the sons and daughters of Adam & Eve. Choose Well! Think On It Now! Decide For God! Not the snake king and his agenda of lies and eternal death in the Lake of Fire! End.

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