Anxiety – Cheryl Adama

Cheryl Adama


March 26, 2019

What is anxiety? It is the opposite of peace. My peace I leave all who have taken Me up to be their Lord and Savior. My peace is like a cloak I drape over all who are counted as My own. It is a promise I have made and I never take back My promise. Yet, why is it that you have a vast number who do not walk in My peace? For there are only a few who do – who do not let the cares of this life become what shapes them.

Anxiety is a spirit, and comes from fear. This is one of the evil one’s wiles and has made great success. For too easy is one who is met with any form or anxiety, that they run to psychology and to their doctors to fix them and they do not come to Me. For if they did I would tell them what they need to know so they may not be deceived by this cunning foe. Instead they make their home in what he has given them, and say that they are diagnosed now. They do not give to Me this place they have been deceived in, for they hide in it and it is a refuge for all kinds of excuse they begin to practice. It has been written that perfect love casts out fear, for fear involves torment. Is not anxiety disorder – the perfect picture of torment? But I say do not be anxious for anything! To give to Me all that concerns you in all your cares, for it is I who cares for you. But you have a people who no longer even see that as they run to the doctor and to their counselors that they are denying Me! They believe that what they have is not related to Me. They view it as something that is part of them, like a pet, and is normal. Why? Because society has told them this, for in truth I have never said such a thing! You need only to read in the scriptures to see otherwise. I gave to Saul a spirit, the same one that many are taking drugs for, who are seeking professional counselors for – to manage and deal with. Look at how Saul was towards Me, he acted in rebellion and in arrogance – and in this, he make the way for this spirit to lay hold of him. Today, many, who say they are mine, do not realize the open door to the enemy they give to the spirits who torment the mind – by their disobedience to the Living God. This is the reason for anxiety and ill of heart – that becomes all consuming. I created the mind, and I am qualified to bring it to soundness – for any who would look to Me (only) to be delivered from the tormentors they have been subject to. It is a strange thing, though – for many in their own pride will not humble themselves before Me to accept this. They will not assume any responsibility to the ‘disorders’ they have been ‘diagnosed’ with. They are offended by this word I give. Be not deceived to think that any are blameless, even though society and circumstances will tell you different. No one knows the deceitfulness of the human heart. Though a person may have been sinned against, to create trauma, they still have place in their heart that will sin in this – and only I am able to help anyone who has experienced trauma and deep wounding – so they do not sin. Only I am able to remove the place that Satan marks out for his territory. Yet, over and over again, I am no longer what is needed they say, for they need the drugs, they need the counseling. But I say this is not of Me. I am the only way to bring hearing that all need I am the only way for the peace that their soul’s cry out for. When anyone clings to the world – in all its prescriptions, philosophies and pleasures, and continue to live to have their flesh satisfied – they still hold onto the old life, that My Son has died for, and they cannot take up the new life that has been offered to all who would take it. This is the problem that must be looked at and is not, because sin has been justified to continue, unbelief is sin. You cannot operate in both. This is the problem that has plagued all who suffer in this and say they at the same time follow Me.

Now you have a people who have been steeped into drug dependency, in other words they have become slaves to this. You are a slave to whatever/whoever you obey. I have but a very few people who are able to minister and counsel My deliverance – and so there is a vast majority who are imprisoned with no way out. O I am able to deliver any who would seek Me with their whole heart, but the trouble is, none desire this for the drug induced stupor they are in. They are truly under the sway of the wicked one living and doing as he has planned for them and they are caught in the snare he has brilliantly laid to all who are unsuspecting.

Rebellion is a great and mighty door opener to Satan, and this is the spirit that is operating, for they take what the world offers– for in this they turn away from Me in rebellion.

Anxiety is a spirit that comes upon people to tempt them. Fear is a spirit that operates to consume all who would fall prey to it.

I have given My creation a healthy fear, to run from danger but this is not the fear I am talking. I call for the fear of the Lord to dwell in My own – this is the fear I give to any who would desire it. This fear will prosper you, and give you My Spirit.

Those who continue to bow to the spirits that the enemy offers them, they will only remain bound. No matter what justification they will tell themselves, or be told – they are not in My will and can receive from Me what I have for them, unless they repent of believing this lie. Repentance is the door to their release. Repentance must be sought and lived – so they would be free from the Fowler’s snare that has captured them.

My way is never the world’s way. How many though mix me in with the world and believe I am with them! No, My people perish for lack of knowledge – they do not seek Me but instead seek their own way and trust in man for their help. Cursed is the man who trusts in man who makes his remedies – his answers! For in this they will not see when My good comes, for their hearts are not looking for this and they miss the truth of what I speak. They are every hearing but never able to come to the knowledge of the Truth – which is Jesus Christ, My Son. He is the answer to everything one faces. He is the way, the truth and the Life.

No longer agree with anxiety nor accept it. Say no to it and say yes to the Living God who is your peace. Begin to walk in step with My Son, who will lead you and guide you, and seek Me with all your heart. Do not live life without thought and out of habit, but consider all your ways – submitting to Me all things. I will show you, anyone who desires to see. One step at a time, I will lead you out of the pit of despair and fear you have fallen into. Take My hand and do not look back – longingly like Lots wife did, for she got what she truly desired. I am there for all who I seek truly and desire to know Me, to look for Me and I will be found by all who do.

I AM Peace, and this is My signature and evidence that I AM in you.

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