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antichrist spirit & great chaos

Dec 1, 2019
Elizabeth Marie

I received this message on November 21st, 2 019 while praying:


“Tell MY people that time is getting shorter and shorter…..and that their time left on this earth is dwindling. Wait not to do the things that I have whispered into your heart and mind. Now is the time to act and to follow ME.


MY sovereignty comes, but first comes the tribulation of the saints…. they are to be tested to show themselves approved. (James 1:12) Many I have already tested and some have passed ….. and some haven’t. Those who haven’t are now following their own ways and devices. They have listened to the enemy of their souls and have followed him instead. Even though they say that they are mine, but they hold fast to the doctrines of demons that are against my WORD and against ME! Remember that anyone who lives in sin or condones living in sin has made their choice. ( NOTE: I believe that the LORD is talking about the harlot church that is deceiving the people with its false teachings and worldly ways.)


The antichrist spirit is already here and takes many forms. It slithers its ways into people’s minds causing them to error. Only those planted firmly in MY WORD will be able to escape this great deception. (Matthew 24:11-13)


Become MY true disciples and help others to do so as well! What does it mean to be MY disciple? Doing what I did when I was on the earth! Doing MY FATHER’s business of healing the sick, casting out demons and bringing the KINGDOM OF GOD to people.

(Matthew 10:8)


Tell MY people that great chaos is about to break out across the world, but they are NOT to be caught up in it, for it is an evil deception. Stay focused on ME, MY WORD and MY directions and you will escape its snare. (Luke 21:34-35)

Do not let fear grab take hold of your hearts ….. rebuke it and it will flee! Command all tormenting spirits to leave you also, in MY NAME and they will have to go!

(James 4:7)

Keep focused, MY beloveds, and you will shine brightly for ME! Hold on to what I have given you and do not let anyone or demon take it from you. I have given you joy, peace, love, reconciliation, freedom, wisdom and direction. Hold them tight and walk in them.

Remember that no weapon formed against you shall prosper! (Isaiah 54:17)







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  1. jolie

    GodzillaFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    posters movie

    had this vision 3 nights ago right down to the color of green n mix colors … he came out of a volcano. pop out like a new born baby

    I have ha3 vision s 1 of a alligator turn over in shallow water belly exposed, tame with people around this beast. n the Visio I was prevent from killing it.. this thing made people think it was not there 2 kill them. HA

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