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Dec 10, 2019 11:01
Jonathan David

On Monday, December 9, at about 9am, I woke up and heard the Lord say to me audibly (in the Spirit), “ANTICHRIST RISING”.

The evening before, I had shown my wife the video of Barack Obama being shown as the 6th AND 8th king, and how in Hebrew his name means “lightning from the heights of heaven”. Jesus said he “Beheld Satan as lightning from heaven”. This is not merely a coincidence. I believe something will happen to president Trump (the 7th King), and as Israel is also without a leader or government at this time, the Antichrist will step into power in the form of United Nations head. The one world government will then have its leader it seeks. I do not believe that the church will be here when this happens, however, the Lord is pouring out his knowledge NOW for the believer to use as a tool to use in our spreading of the Gospel and salvation of Jesus Christ. I recommend the Jonathan Kleck “Obama: Son of perdition” video series on YouTube for those who want more proof as to why Obama is the likely candidate to be this figure who will go against everything of God and will declare himself (through Lucifer) as god. Blessings.

-Jonathan David

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