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Dec 10, 2019 11:01
Jonathan David

On Monday, December 9, at about 9am, I woke up and heard the Lord say to me audibly (in the Spirit), “ANTICHRIST RISING”.

The evening before, I had shown my wife the video of Barack Obama being shown as the 6th AND 8th king, and how in Hebrew his name means “lightning from the heights of heaven”. Jesus said he “Beheld Satan as lightning from heaven”. This is not merely a coincidence. I believe something will happen to president Trump (the 7th King), and as Israel is also without a leader or government at this time, the Antichrist will step into power in the form of United Nations head. The one world government will then have its leader it seeks. I do not believe that the church will be here when this happens, however, the Lord is pouring out his knowledge NOW for the believer to use as a tool to use in our spreading of the Gospel and salvation of Jesus Christ. I recommend the Jonathan Kleck “Obama: Son of perdition” video series on YouTube for those who want more proof as to why Obama is the likely candidate to be this figure who will go against everything of God and will declare himself (through Lucifer) as god. Blessings.

-Jonathan David

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  1. Smilie Christie, Jr

    Hey brothers and sisters ar in accordance to Jesus Christ. He would come get his people after the tribulation read it for yourself in the below chapter clear clear clear very clear
    The Olivet Discourse or Olivet prophecy is a biblical passage found in the Synoptic Gospels in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21. It is also known as the Little Apocalypse because it includes the use of apocalyptic language, and it includes Jesus’ warning to his followers that they will suffer tribulation and persecution before the ultimate triump⁰mlh of the Kingdom of God.[1] The Olivet Discourse is the last of the Five Discourses of Matthew and occurs just before the narrative of Jesus’ passion beginning with the Anointing of Jesus.

  2. dick ames

    Mr Obama is not from the middle east. micah 5 calls the antichrist the Assyrian. Isaiah calls the antichrist the assyrian. Daniel tells us that he is from the lineage of Antioch epiphanies. This is not Mr Obama. So in my view he does not line up with scripture. We shall watch and keep a eye on him but. I have read about a false antichrist and a false rapture. So be careful coming to conclussions.

  3. Jonathan David

    Dick, where is Obama from, then? Hawaii? Please do some more research as Obama DOES indeed line up with Daniel. He is the Assyrian. I suggest, again, the Jonathan Kleck series on Obama.

  4. daniel Noah

    Daniel11:37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any God; for he shall magnify himself above all.” O’bama is Gay! His ‘wife’ is a cover… Andrew Brightbart did an expose’ back in 2012. Brightbart had sworn testimony from men who frequented gay nightclubs in Chicago during the early 1990’s. Brightbart was to appear on sean Hannity’s tv show March 1st 2012. Brightbart was murdered about 8 hrs. prior to the taping of the show—and Brightbart’s house broken into while he was enroute to the hospital(poisoned with an agent which stopped his heart) all tapes (eyewitnesses etc. …) paperwork of same was taken. Occidental and Colombia U. are another mystery, see Wayne Alan Root, who attended Colombia at the supposeded same time as O’bama. O’bama was born in Kenya. O’bama’s mother —tribe of Dan, O’bama’s father is indeterminable one of four possibilities… O’bama’s mother was in the CIA… to Smilie Christie, 2 Thess. 2-3… as to ‘falling away’—- an add on mistranslation. The 1st 7 translations of the Bible, all had ‘The Departure’ NOT FALLING AWAY! The term falling away was added in 1608 , because of the fight between the Anglican church and the catholic church. Wycliff- Tyndale- Beza , Cranmer, Breeches Bibles-even the latin vulgate all translated ‘falling away’ as ‘the departure’. Which by the way, makes 2 Thess2:7-8 a back-up to validate same… miss-applying scripture, does not invalidate a teaching. Rev. SEALS are released in one day. The USA will be as Sodom and Gomorra… wiped out prior to the tribulation starting. The black plague from around 2350’s wiped-out almost half the population of the world… the misapplication of Rapture to the Chinese does not invalidate it’s truth- . The workers in the vineyard did not work the same timeframe but all received a full wage… was that fair? So, all should suffer equally? Are we in kindergarten? The 3rd strand of DNA (mark of the beast) which is fallen angel DNA , will make one —no longer exclusively human, so. blood of Jesus will no longer apply to your sins…O’bama’s father is of Syrian bloodlines and his mother is Jewish. WAKE UP! You have been playing checkers -James and Christie, it’s time to play chess… In His Service Daniel

  5. Eyes Open

    But wait a minute…… if Obama’s mother is Jewish, this means that Obama is also Jewish. And could even be eligible for Israeli citizenship under Allyah guidelines.

  6. Kathreen Margaret

    Jonathan David, tried numerous times,
    but could not find that series you were writing about by Kleck.
    Do you have a link to share here perhaps?
    Thanks for any help.

  7. Dana

    daniel Noah, you are so wrong about President Obama. He is happily married to Michelle and they are the parents of two daughters. The Obamas are of the Christian faith. President Obama was born in Hawaii and was brought up by his parents. He did live for a brief time in Indonesia, but is a legal US citizens. I’ve read much by and about President Obama.

    Most importantly, President Obama DOES NOT fit the Biblical description of the Antichrist.

    You sound like a lunatic conspiracy theorist!

  8. Dana, Obama was never a christian. He went for many years to a church because he knew, as not christian, he will never become President.
    The Lord showed me in a dream Obama as Muslim and I spoke in the dream: he should give up his presidency because he betrayed the people!

  9. Jonathan David


    Obama: Son of Perdition


    Michelle is actually Michael. He’s a man. You don’t know what you’re talking about, sorry to say.

  10. Jonathan David

    A lot of you people posting comments/opinions on things without hearing from Holy Spirit need to STOP. You’re LYING without even realizing it. What happened to praying and waiting for God to answer? Just because things don’t line up with your false reality, doesn’t make it true because you think it’s true. Seriously, just STOP. This site should be where people post their dreams visions and audibles. Not where you come read and determine for yourself that something is or isn’t Holy Spirit produced. Just read, and shut up. You don’t like something, too bad. Move on. Amen.

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