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Anti Christ & Nibiru word/dream – Matt Reynolds

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Anti Christ & Nibiru word/dream

December 8, 2022 10:20 AM
Matt Reynolds

Last night on 12/7/22 around 11pm the Lord spoke to me and said “Zelensky, where is he? Followed by Job 8 with emphasis on verse 8:2 “How long wilt thou speak these things? And how long shall the words of thy mouth be like a strong wind” KJV.
The Lord then explained to me that Zelensky has been talking a lot of talk and blowing a lot of air and that his fate will end up similar to that of Mary Antoinette (she was beheaded by her own people for high treason)

God then told me to reflect on all the world leaders who have been collaborating with Zelensky and doing dealings in the Ukraine. I was told when the anti christ rises he will destroy these traitors to win the hearts and trust of not only America but the entire world. False anti Christs have risen and will continue rising. This will make it easier for the anti christ to hide and others will doubt he is the one. These other false anti christs will be performing wonders just like the sorcerers did during the time of Moses.

The final thing the Lord said to me was that Jerusalem will fall for a time.

Following this word from the Lord I was later given a vision through a dream. The dream went like this:

I was in the car with my wife and I was in the passenger seat. We were driving down a main road. The sky was a milky color and I had the feeling it was during the winter time. Suddenly all around us the sky started to dim slightly. I was so confused by the sudden change. I quickly undid my window and poked my head out. Above us was a huge Red planet with patches of dark magenta. It was Larger than anything I have ever seen before and it was drawing closer and closer to the earth getting increasingly bigger and illuminating the sky with a purple tinge the closer it got. In the dream I knew tribulation was beginning and I said to my wife “it’s time. We need to go home now and pray for the lost”

I believe the huge planet the Lord showed me in the dream was Nibiru also known as Planet X/The destroyer

Time is short. Jesus’s return is very soon. No matter how hard or scary things may get. Always remember to remain steadfast in your Faith. God will never forsake his children. These are about to be some of the darkest days but also some of the greatest for Gods kingdom.

Jesus is king


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