March 3, 2020 5:07 AM
Laura McClung, Sebastian, Florida

February 29, 2020

You wash each other’s feet
You will not suffer the sheep
For I am separating the chaff from the wheat
And I’m sending you forward instead of retreat.

Repent of any ungodly sin
Amen, the harvest shall begin
And if you’re afraid to finish your call
Because at one time you had a fall –
You must see, must see it cannot be taken away
I need you to do what you need to do,
In this last day.

Don’t let the affairs of life
Keep you from cutting the cords with my knife
Cause you need not just be right
You need to be righteous in Me –
You must prohibit anything that is not of Me
For you see, you see, you see
It is all about Me –
You must submit to Me
And resist the enemy.

No more pretending
You should be contending
Pushing for territory –
For you have the power in your tongue
To shape the earth within it’s core,
Instead you fancy arguments
Over stupid little things,
You will not know the Joy
My Holiness brings.

For I am asking those of mine come closer
Come close
Don’t entertain the things that I despise
Instead you should dispose.
Let me show you what you need,
In Me what you need to succeed.

For this is a time to gather
Brothers and Sisters in unity
And go forth in My Holiness
To snatch some from hell,
But you must daily drink, drink, drink
From my well.
You must wear My Holiness like a cloak
Then people won’t be so eager to Joke.

Humility brings Happiness
Repentance brings Joy,
Then the enemy won’t be able
To play with you like you’re a toy.
Your world within yourself
Is so very small
Instead I want you to stand up
In Me and be tall,
For I’m moving away every wall,
It’s time to answer the call.

Don’t fear what’s coming ahead
You just keep your eyes on me instead
And don’t worry upon your bed.
Just write down the visions and the dreams,
My church should be birthing at the seams.

As I said in my Word
There will be happening a great falling away,
When you see this
Don’t be in dismay.
I’m separating the goats from the sheep
For you see my promises
I do keep.
Weep, weep, weep
For the harvest –
Be filled with Joy
You will be strong,
For to Me you do belong.

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