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Another Pestilence is Coming… – Mena Lee Jones


Another Pestilence is Coming…

March 29, 2022
Mena Lee Jones

I would like to share a vision the Lord gave me in the wee hours of this morning…

I saw a list appear in front of me. The list was held up and it look as if it was on a scroll. There were numbers listed; from one to four. However, there were in descending order, like a countdown.

The numbers four through two each had a single word written next to them, however I could only make out what the word next to number four was: Cooperation.

As my eyes scanned to number one, I noticed there wasn’t a word next to it. All of a sudden, I saw a creature begin to emerge out of the paper next to the one. It was pitch black with long claws and it had a wing the resemble that of a raven’s. I turned my head before it completely emerged, but I quickly asked the Lord what was it He was showing me.

“Another pandemic is coming,” the Lord answered swiftly.

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