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Another Official Proclamation from the Angel Gabriel – Vicki Goforth Parnell

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Another Official Proclamation from the Angel Gabriel

September 29, 2022
Vicki Goforth Parnell

9-27-2022 at 6:46am


“Hi, this is Vicki Goforth Parnell and I have a word to share with you. And I’m asking everyone to take these words and I want you to take it to the LORD in prayer. This is what I can share with you. I will not be answering questions. I’m asking you to take them to the LORD. I’m just delivering what happened and what I heard and I’ve been praying about whether to release this, or when. This came on 9-27-22 at 6:46 am. This is 9-29-22 at 5:54 pm. I’d like to pray and ask you to pray with me, “FATHER GOD, I come to you, LORD, in the Name of JESUS, and I deliver this with fear and trembling because You are a GOD of love, You’re a GOD of justice. And, LORD, I’m burdened, LORD, but I trust You and I love You. Now, FATHER, You said that Your Word would not return unto You void, that it would accomplish all You have set it out to do. So, FATHER, in JESUS Name, send these words out. Give the people ears to hear the truth, eyes to see what You’re trying to tell us, and a heart to receive and understanding with clarity of what You’re saying and what’s going on in our world. LORD, draw the people to true repentance to godly sorrow. Help us to get ready and wake Your Bride up. Wake Your Bride up, in JESUS Name. And I bind every assignment, every jin, plot, snare, dart, arrow, device, scheme, spoken word, hidden word, every gossiper, every hex, vex, curse, every spell, every incantation, I send them back to you in the Name of JESUS. And I cancel every one of them LORD JESUS. You said in Isaiah 54:17, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper” and in that verse further it tells us that every tongue that rises against us, we can condemn. Well, the tongue is spoken words. So, what is spoken we can condemn. We can condemn it to death and speak life over our situation, in JESUS Name. And that is what I am doing, LORD, for every child of GOD that is truly standing up and speaking boldly what they know is Your truth, what is found written in Your pages, and the things that You’re warning. GOD, give them protection, cover them under Your blood. I plead Your blood over everyone and over our families, LORD. And I say send these words forth. Time is short, LORD. And LORD, in all things we give You glory and praise in JESUS Name. JESUS, whom I love. JESUS. JESUS. I speak JESUS over this world and over this nation. I speak JESUS! LORD, Your Name is all-powerful. So, LORD, again, let Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. LORD, confound and confuse the enemy, those here in this apartment complex, GOD, and those abroad. Confound and confuse them, in JESUS’ mighty Name. I give You praise, LORD.

Okay, this again occurred on 9-27-22 at 6:46 am, and I had already been awakened several times through the morning. This is another official proclamation from the angel Gabriel. It starts out and I am praying. As I am praying, I now hear these words, “Hear these words, O beloved daughter of the Kingdom of JEHOVAH GOD. Hear them now. I looked up from where I’m praying sitting in my bed. I see the angel Gabriel once again standing in my room with the same 2 angels that had accompanied him before right beside him. They’re all clad heavily in armor. This time the 2 angels accompanying him have their golden bows drawn and ready with arrows in hand, as if on guard for any oncoming attacks from the enemy, Satan, or his demons. I see no more new dents or scratches in their armor, not even Gabriel’s, whose armor is different than the other 2. I can’t help but notice their armor and weapons. Each seem to glow more than before, as if covered by the glory of GOD Himself. I notice this all in a split moment and I’m not even sure how I’m able to write unless it’s my friend, HOLY SPIRIT, moving my hand for me.

“It is I, daughter of faith, of grace, of mercy, of understanding, of wisdom, of love, of knowledge. I shall be your guiding hand. Now, hear what the angel Gabriel has to say. He brings a message from Heaven’s Court and your FATHER above.”

Gabriel, I am listening.” The angel Gabriel reaches up, takes off his golden glowing helmet and lays it upon the foot of the bed. Strange, I thought. He’s never done that before. I hardly feel the weight of it and I perceive, though powerful, this heavenly armor seems to be not very heavy but light and __. Then he does another strange thing. He gets down on one knee, then begins removing a scroll from the holder on his belt. Once it’s in his hands, I hear him say,

“All power, glory, majesty, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding belongs to JEHOVAH GOD, ElOHIM. GOD of all creation, Ruler of Heaven and earth, who sits on the throne of Heaven ruling fairly, justly, in love. All praise I give to You now, Creator of all.

The 2 angels behind him, still on alert, lift their voices in unity saying,

“Holy is our GOD in Heaven! Whose mercy endures and love reaches from everlasting to everlasting!”

Gabriel bows his head; so does the other angels momentarily, and Gabriel swiftly stands back up. He’s tall, so very tall. They’re all tall, yet they somehow fit inside my tiny apartment room. “JESUS, my love! My love!”Hear Gabriel’s words, My love.” Yes, JESUS, yes.” I watch as Gabriel holds the scroll out to open it. It is different than the others I’ve seen. Its handle, the end of the scroll’s, looks like a dark greenish-gold color with raised carvings of some types of leaves, but the leaves are of a yellowish-gold color. The scroll is sealed with a blue seal that I cannot see clearly. Gabriel breaks the seal easily, then deftly begins unrolling the heavenly scroll. The paper of this scroll seems to be clear, but I know instantly its transparent gold, the finest purest gold of all. I can see __ and words written in a deep gold, but I can’t understand any of the writings. Gabriel is speaking now.

“Daughter of Heaven’s Court, hear my words this day, this moment of time. I bring to you official tidings. You have been found faithful in much. Hear ye! Hear ye! O heavens and the earth! The time of trials, of both testing and trying, has arrived. It has begun. It starts right now for your world. No longer are the orders of judgment sitting in Heaven’s Court to be administered. These weighed judgments of a guilty verdict have now been passed to the earth’s inhabitants below for failure to repent after multiple times, over periods of years, were granted out of mercy, out of grace, from JEHOVAH’s, GOD of all, throne of love. The fruition of this judgment, a judgment full of heavenly judgments, and administered in righteous justice are now coming to complete fruition the time of Tribulation has now come upon your world. let it be known of this time, horrors upon horrors for your world shall last for 7 weeks, or 7 years in the calendar of your world today.”


Little daughter, hear the words of the angel Gabriel.”

“Yes, JESUS.”

I’m shaken badly at his words. I hear Gabriel say,

“Peace unto you, daughter of faith, of grace, of mercy, of understanding, of wisdom, of love, and of knowledge.”

as he lets go of the scroll by one of his hands and touches my foot through the covers of my bed. Heavenly peace floods me immediately and my breathing normalizes and I feel strength return to my body.

“Thank you, Gabriel.”

“You’re welcome, daughter of Heavens’ Courts.”

“Hear, o inhabitants of the earth! 7 years of woes! 7 years of trying on the earth, as Satan’s Man of Sin takes his place. The Lawless One, as rightful ruler of your world. A reward for your ill-gotten seeds of sin you have sown so freely. 7 years of anguish. 3 1/2 years of anguish, more or less. 3 1/2 years of desperation and woes, as My anger falls upon your world, says CHRIST JESUS, the RISEN LAMB, whose sacrifice for the sins of mankind gave all a way to escape. Heaven’s Court, by the order of the Great GOD JEHOVAH, now declares in a few short days your world shall enter the Tribulation period. Upon your world, 3 1/2 years of anger. Those left on the earth will feel, from the RISEN LAMB’s hands. Then, 3 1/2 years of His wrath. Woes have come! Woes have come to the inhabitants of the earth, as the LAMB takes the full role upon mankind, of not just SAVIOR for those who will still repent and come to Him, but RIGHTEOUS JUDGE of all, administering His righteous arm of holy justice on the ungodly of this world. Both His created and those of a mutated unnatural state. These shall feel His furious anger and then His holy raging wrath for all, and for sins created against Heaven’s most beloved creation: man.


The angel Gabriel looks up at me from the scroll he’s reading with compassion in his eyes, then returned then to the heavenly golden scroll.

“The appointing of the 2 witnesses to come, that will withstand the Man of Sin, called the Antichrist, in man form have each been given their appointed anointings. One of the spirit of Elijah; the other of Enoch after each was notified. And they accepted their position of honor with great humility, in the LAMB’s Name. The 5 Great Seals have already been opened in Heaven’s Courts that precede this time of Tribulation, as ordained by Heaven’s Courts on command of JEHOVAH GOD, the GREAT I AM.”

I hear the 2 angels behind Gabriel proclaim,

“All glory to the Righteous Holy GOD of Heaven!”

Yet my eyes never moved off the angel Gabriel and his scroll announcing the Tribulation upon our world.

“The 6th is held in the holy RISEN LAMB’s hand ready to be opened. The prior seals that have been opened and released shall no longer be restrained to move slowly across your world, the earth, but is now released to move forward freely at high speed. The Rock of Destruction and its counterparts will soon begin striking your earth below. He comes fast upon your world, even streaking through Heaven, the heavens, from the hand of the Risen Lamb Himself, as role of Heavenly Judge delivering Heaven-style justice, which shall result in many realizing and knowing that He exists. JEHOVAH GOD, Holy Ruler of all, sits on the throne of Heaven. And then many shall turn to Him, as others return, as well. The appointed Rock of Destruction shall strike, for no longer will mercy be extended. This time granted has officially ended. Destruction comes swifty; she comes fast and she’s not alone. Others shall soon follow, breaking through your once protected atmosphere, your stratosphere, so earth has named it, that has been weakened greatly by the portal particle accelerator machines of your world and those directed at your world from the heavenly bodies of your moon and the planet Mars, where hidden inside its core are the infidel children, the offspring of the demon fallen ones. The demons who once belonged to Heaven’s Courts, also. Hear ye! Hear ye! O inhabitants of the earth! In a few short days your time of Tribulation officially begins upon your world. The KING is soon to return, the RISEN LAMB of glory! This is the official proclamation declaring your Tribulation days are to begin on your world. 3 1/2 years of the LAMB’s anger. 3 1/2 years of His wrath. The Man of Sin shall reaffirm the pre-signed covenant made, as if of peace, and rise to his final position of power. Woe unto you, inhabitants of the earth! Prepare yourself in the RISEN LAMB! For who can stand in such times as these?

I watched as Gabriel rolls the scroll quickly back into its original shape.

“O beloved daughter of faith, know that you are loved in Heaven’s Courts and by all of Heaven. Angels have been dispatched in great number to see to your safety and all you love. You need not be concerned, only follow the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD that rests and abides in you. And you shall arise to be all the RISEN LAMB has declared before Heaven’s Courts.”

Without further adieu, he places the scroll into its holder on his beltloop and then the 3 angels are gone.

“Oh JESUS! My love! My love! Please help our world!” “Little daughter, the time for these things to be is now, is here. I love you, My little daughter.” “Oh how I love You, my sweet sweet JESUS!”


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Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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