Another Crash – Jeff Andrews


Another Crash

June 1, 2022 2:06 AM
Jeff Andrews

This dream occurred in the early hours of 01 June 2022 and I believe from the Lord. In it, I was at the airport in my hometown of Christchurch, NZ. I was outside a US Military facility at the airport (First the USN, then the USAF have maintained a facility there since the 1950’s). As I was watching, a large four engine aircraft approached from the north descending in an erratic manner. I recognised the aircraft as an American C-141 Starlifter aircraft. These aircraft were frequent visitors to Christchurch from the 1970’s through to the early 2000’s. This one was adorned in US national flag and other distinctive US markings leaving me in no uncertain doubt as to who the aircraft belonged to. The aircraft crashed into the road, veered to the left into a carpark then disintegrated into many many pieces. I was aware that there were many casualties but I was also aware that I had friends/family members in the area and that they too might be among the casualties.
Then there was a gap in the timeframes of the dream. The next scene had me approaching a cordon around the crash scene at night in order to search for friends/family members, the cordon was made up of US military personnel. I was stopped but on producing an ID card of some description, I was permitted entry. Bizarrely when I talked to the US serviceman – I remember distinctly he was wearing “Space Force” above the left pocket of his uniform. I went through the cordon and it was clear there was a major incident response underway with emergency services of every kind. Then the dream ended as quickly as it started.
This links into a dream I had February 10, 2021 and reported to you April 27, 2021 re another aircraft crash at Christchurch airport but I think the conclusions this time are much more clear cut. I think the location, Christchurch NZ, might be for my benefit but with the information I have at the moment I do believe the dream relates to an imminent crash that will engulf the USA and break it into many pieces. Furthermore, in real life should an event of this kind unfold, only NZ law enforcement and military personnel would have the jurisdiction to cordon off an accident scene such as this – the presence of US Space Force personnel at first seemed unbelievable. It then occurred to me that the Tower of Babel (Babylon) was designed by man to reach the heavens in defiance of God and God took exception to this hubris. Its possible the presence of these personnel in the dream links the modern USA to those that contemplated the Tower of Babel and there are many narratives that parallel Ancient Babylon and the modern USA. I can offer no further assessment, or more particularly, timeframes. Nonetheless I ask you take this to the Lord in Prayer and seek his discernment and guidance….

God bless you all

Jeff Andrews

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