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Another 911 Warning

Sep 22, 2019, 2:34 AM

(Message given 9.20.19 pm)

Daughter it is time. The world has reached the point of no return and there is no turning around. No more delays, no more putting off the inevitable. The Day of Reckoning is here. Who will stand at that hour? My children are still asleep although some have awakened from their deep slumber. Soon the whole world will be awake as they watch the events unfold before them. The tide has turned and the enemy moves forward to wreak havoc upon the Earth for his time is truly come.

( Saturday 9.21.19 about 1:30pm)

I was in my car at a stop at an intersection. It was kind of a long light so I glanced over to my right. I noticed a yellow fire truck in the lane next to me. At first I thought it was parked, but then I realized it was right alongside of me. As I continued staring at the truck I was drawn to the numbers on its’ side.
911 and some words I can’t recall

I was a little surprised. I didn’t know fire trucks had the number 911 painted on them. As I continued staring at the numbers, the thought crossed my mind that maybe God was trying to tell me something.

(Message given 9.21.19 after 6pm)

My daughter you have been distracted lately. I understand it is your way of not dealing with the hard things that are coming. But a better way is to seek Me and stay close to Me.

I allowed you to see the 911 on the fire truck. I am letting you know so you can share that with My children, that the beginning of the end is near. Something soon will happen that is so cataclysmic that the world will watch in horror as it is being brought to its’ knees.

My warnings have gone unheeded and My hand of judgment can be delayed no longer. I pray that you are prepared to face the devastation and destruction that will infiltrate your planet. First your nation, then other nations willl fall in retaliation for the evil abomination that is sin. They have murdered the little ones who I chose from the beginning of time and snuffed their lives out as if it were nothing. These were My creation, these little ones who bring such joy to Me. But I will repay thus sayeth the Lord and My Will will now be done upon the earth.

I have waited and waited for My children to turn to me, but they were so caught up with the world that they forgot about Me. But they will soon look to Me and seek My presence when the chaos ensues. There is a converging of events that must take place.

Be ready I say! I speak to the spiritual as well as the physical eyes. For the hour is come!


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