Angry bear came into my house wanting to kill me – Mary Jane Galawis

Angry bear came into my house wanting to kill me

Nov 11, 2019, 12:12 AM
Mary Jane Galawis
Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ, there is dream I wanted to share.
It is about a bear that came into my house and it was angry and wanted to kill me. But I tried to kill it by severing its head, but I don’t have the strength to do it, please pray for me,
Thank you in God’s HOLY name.

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  1. Julie W

    I too have and several bear dreams in the past year.
    The first time I was defenseless too
    The second time there were two bears and it was a mama defending her friendly baby bear and she attacked me but bit and ran I survived.
    The third time a huge bear big like I’ve never seen was trying to kill me and all through my dream I kept SHOUTING! JESUS!!!!! Over and over and over again and like a big poof of black smoke the bear was literally disintegrated.
    Even in our dreams there’s Power in HIS Name!!!
    Praise God I’ve had no more bear dreams.

  2. Jesus Roman

    The Bear represents Russia.
    The Bear is coming to attack us , but we won’t be able to prevail.
    God gave this nation over , because of the wickedness and abominations committed in this land.
    “Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.””
    ‭‭Luke‬ ‭21:36‬ ‭NKJV

  3. My husband has had dreams of bear coming into our house too, and attacking him and my little baby, the first o e was a Lion, the second Tiger, the third a Bear.

    They all came I to our house and were attacking us in his dream.

    I know that with God we’re victorious in Christ, keep praying and calling that
    most powerful name Jesus Christ. ( Philippians (2:10)

  4. Margaret

    I too have had many bear dreams (wolves also). Only in recent times have I come to understand the significance of Russia to their appearance in my dreams. One dream particularly, I was fighting back a massive grizzly bear. Frequently the bears are in numbers. Often I am responsible for getting others and my dogs to safety. The scenes are always wooded areas. (I live in the mountains in SE British Columbia)
    Russia now always comes to my mind afterward when I dream of bears. I ‘see’ them swooping down from northern and northwest Canada. Canada is so undefended. I see them entering the USA also through Canada. The word horde comes to my my mind as I write this. God help us.

  5. Hi Mary Jane- We’ve seen two kinds of bears here in these very good comments, one of Russia; & as in Julie’s note, I think the other represents a ‘dangerous evil’ lurking in our lives, I believe that for the most part, many Christians are experiencing this ‘dangerous evil’ represented by bears, as Julie told about, now more than ever before. I too see bears in my dreams, & not until I spoke to another Brother recently about the attacks of the enemy in his life, that the next day or so, did I too experience a bear that tried to scare me. Bears are, & represent in some cases, the ‘wild beasts’ of the field. So think about weeding out all of those dark friends in your life, as well as all sin & darkness…
    I’m a prayer intercessor & firmly believe Jesus’ Word to partake of Communion daily. Before doing so, I always repent for any sin in my life, every day, just as Jesus asks. I can’t tell you how many unnecessary attacks of the enemy this has saved me from, but I don’t normally experience attacks in this area, & am kept quite safe under the shadow of His wings. If most Brethren would repent daily & take their communion, then pray/speak Psalms 91 over their lives every day, the enemy would have little or no grounds to attack. However, recently, one of those nasty bears did walk by me in the woods, thru the bushes. Apparently, he circled back around & came up behind me, & when he stuck his nose in the back of my neck & pushed me, I about came unglued!! As soon as I could speak, I pled the Blood of Jesus all over him, never to see him again. So Julie is so right, using Jesus’ Name, power, & authority immediately solves the problem. But you must then repent of any sin, any darkness in your life, known or unknown, right away, to continue to walk in divine peace & safety. These are just my own personal guide-lines, but they work! It is not so much our prayers for you that will help you here, tho we intercede for you, but your daily devotions & confessions that keep you clean before the Lord. If you were trying to cut the head of the bear off in your dream, remember that “our weapons are not carnal, but mighty through God”. Also, “let the weak say, “I am strong in the Lord”. That means, as Julie said, use the sword of the Word. Clean house & bind up all enemies lurking about your home & your property, in Jesus’ Name, & cast them back to the sea from which they came from, & say, “never return to me again.” Try that every day. rick

  6. Margaret, I saw more then thirty years ago that Russia will attack America through Alaska. If they come through Alaska, they musst pass Canada, not?

  7. Julie W


  8. Sondra

    Rick that is true spiritual wisdom. I thank you for the reminder!

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