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angels were flying down to the earth – Asaph J

angels were flying down to the earth

May 23, 2020 12:22 AM
Asaph J

Today 6:30 AM

I had a short dream

So many angels were flying down to the earth. I tapped someone’s shoulder and told them to look up and see but they ignored me. I waved to one of them.
I raised out my hands & he flew towards me.
We made contact & he went through me. Instantly a burst went off with a pulsating sound (like propellers in slowmotion). I was shaken to my core I could still feel it in the first few seconds I awoke.

God bless

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  1. Tim

    Please consider these words that Asaph has written. They ARE VERY scriptural, yet our “eyes” do not see.

    In the Old Testament the Hebrews “carried the Lord” around in a box as they wandered about in the wilderness. What does wandering in the wilderness MEAN?? Do you say I speak heresy by saying they “carried Him in a box”??? READ His word IN THE SPIRIT, as we are taught.

    1) I will inscribe My law on their hearts.
    2) I will turn their hearts of STONE into hearts of flesh.
    3) The finger of God inscribed His law onto two tablets of stone.
    4) While the Jews were accusing the harlot, Jesus wrote something on the ground (clay of the earth). What was the significance of this??

    I could go on and on with this because there is SO MUCH that is “hidden” (the veil, living in tents, the cloud, eyes that do not see, teaching in parables, etc, etc.). But, so many people CONTINUE to “put God into a BOX”, to this very day.

    How do we put God into a box? We do this by TRYING to put our MANMADE limitations on Him; i.e., “God does ….”; “God would NEVER do ….”; “God loves ….., but HATES ….”; “…. means …., but …. CAN ONLY MEAN ….” Who do we think we ARE to make such ABSOLUTE statements??? Who IS the ONE who does such things???

    I beg of you, READ His word with OPEN eyes; He tells us this same thing, both in His written word and in His Spirit.

    I pray for all.

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